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No pain.. no pain

I love this description of Millah's outing yesterday as being "effectively wild."


That's funny because I was just telling Romana the Real Doll how I think she is so "affectively styled."


The ends justify the means.


Oh, do they evah, do they evah.


So how about Ellsbury's powah surge?


So much for the cries of the mob a year ago that Ellsbury was a pussy and should be unloaded for a bags a balls.


If there's one universal truth, it's that in times of crisis, ignore the CHB.


And Dr. Cunty.



Lock up my new screen name.


LOL. I forgot about Dr. C

I didn't forget about Dr. Cunty. Whenever I smell BBQ, I think of her.

I didn't forget about Dr. Cunty. Whenever I smell tuna salad sandwiches, I think of her.

Or see a flock of seagulls at the town dump.

I am so excited to see Jacoby get power behind that speed...

I made a comment at the time (I think on this creepy little site) about how folks need to lay off Ellsbury, the media was hosing him, etc. Now I can't find it. Damn, I want to seem prescient.

I just hope SI doesn't run a cover image of JE all muscled up and shaded Hulk green. Never a good sign.

Just look what happened to Mr.Mia Ham.

Oh,that's right-we've officially forgiven him ;D

Thanks beautiful.

If we name one RealDoll Romana and the other Athena can we blame them for the economical collapse in the EU because they're both meant to be f*cked?
As for the Ellsbury phenomenae- the hubby (newbie) was a lot more optimistic last year about him surviving his injury Sox-intact than I (veteran) was.
While I have to perpetually insist on the greatness of Timmeh (and the knuckleball in general) to him, he taught me a little something about patience with the 'new' guy.
Lesson: Go with your gut.

A la Nomar...I agree...http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/cover/featured/9782/index.htm

However, the wife and daughters might dig it...a la Gabe Kapler

But really, what kind of name is Jacoby anyway. Did his parents name him Jacob and when he was little, did his friends add a -y to the end of his name like they do with almost everything else (froggy, Billy, Joey, muffy, etc).

re: adding a -y to names.

Last year I sat behind Daniel Nava's family at the RS - SF Giants game (met Buckner same day). They didn't understand why all in RSN referred to him as Danny - not Daniel - as Mr. Nava and family are quite religious and did not like the "Danny" - I explained that in NE we add the -y to just about every name and that it was more a sign of affection. Not sure they understood.

@Tito, thanks. You remind me why I hate to say it but a majority of baseball players just don't do it for me. Euugh.

@LarryE- Jacoby, Jacob and even Colby are just variants of the Hebrew Jacobus. Just like Clemens is derivative Latin for Cocksucker.

I think Lackey in the original Latin is Turdus Maximus

@Tito & @pseudo --

To wit-

@Rob, I'll give thanks to Gabi Reese, Maria Kirilenko and the asses of most of the athletes pictured. HoT!


But I'm sad (as a former champeen' swimmer myself) that Amanda Beard is the best they can find to represent us in the hotness tables. Swimmers aren't the best looking lot either (Hello, Michael Phelps!) but her horsey visage is the best they can do, I fear for future SI swimsuit issues.

Rob-he wishes his balls were still that size ;O

//I think Lackey in the original Latin is Turdus Maximus//

Which I shorten to Turdmaxy.

@pseudo - then you shouldn't have let your agent talk you out of posing. Come on, girl! Represent!


The Red Sox need to clean up against the bottom feeders this next couple of weeks. If for no other reason than I've got a lunch at the winner's choice of restaurant on the line for the White Sox series (born in Franklin, MA but living and working in Chicago SW suburbs) and there's some pretty expensive restaurants around here.

Rich - he's got nothin' on Arroyo.


@Rob- Agent? I'd hardly call Mr. Fluzzy Froggybottom an agent.

@h.b.- Turdmaxy? Nice translation. Mrs. Generaux (12th grade Latin conjugation) would approve.

He's a fellow alumnus of my college alma mater, but I can't think of anyone I know I'd want less around me in a time of crisis, in a foxhole et. al. than the CHB.

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