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It's not the heat... oh, wait, yeah it is the friggin heat

So it's like this...


Waiting in line... There are two judgements: *too* slow and *too* fast. There is no *just right.*


Especially when the guy in front of you tries to make small talk.


"Hot enough for ya?"


For some people the sum total of their destiny is to mop their foreheads and remahk on the heat.


Eventually that's all you do; wipe your forehead and say how hot it is.


Entiah summahs can pass like this. The heat is the only news.


This heat... it's, it's, well, it's seasonally unseasonable I tell you!



Some of the heat lines in today's strip come from Geoff Dyer's Out of Sheer Rage: Wrestling with D. H. Lawrence.

No difference from the cold and snow from last January. Some people just don't have much to say, which doesn't seem to stop them from saying it anyway.

The thought occurs to me though that my intolerance for small talk might have something to do with the heat...

"Hot enough for ya?"

It's not the heat, it's the cupidity. v 2.0

Because it's fucking hot as hell, it's Friday, there was no Sox baseball last night, and I am already doing fuck all at work, here's a little amusement for everyone today: http://animalsbeingdicks.com. Hilarious stuff. Enjoy!

(20-SOMETHING WOMAN ON T): "Man it's hot. It's like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot."

(WOMAN'S 20-SOMETHING GUY FRIEND ON T): "That's funny, you should write that down."

(20-SOMETHING WOMAN ON T): "I know, sometimes I'm pretty hilarious."

(OVERHEATED SOXAHOLIX GUY GETTING OFF T, ADDRESSING 20-SOMETHING WOMAN): "Hey Neil, you really grew your hair out, huh?"

link not working? One thing we do NOT need in this heat is to be led on and teased by a hot blonde in a teal dress... well, OK, maybe just this once

We get this kind of heat for basically three straight months in South Florida, and still people feel the need to talk about it. Go figure.

Tried clicking that link, Natalie, but got 'page not found'. Bummer, the URL sounds entertaining at least. I can imagine one picture is of a gorilla wwearing a Lackey jersey, waving his arms around and grunting at his treemates.

OK, Natalie's on to something here That's some funny shite

But what if the gorilla in a Lackey jersey was named Ditka??

Dang, Nat. Now I have another site to check daily.

Okay, that's funny, Natalie!

I'll add one of my faves:

Addictive entertainment.

Okay, that's funny, Natalie!

I'll add one of my faves:

Addictive entertainment.

Yeah... it's 89 degrees in the mountains of North Carolina. But you won't hear any complaining out of me. Because soon it will be negative 5. And I hate negative 5.

If you like that Rob you'll probably like this too-


Always funny, sometimes disturbing.

It's only 60 degrees on top of Mt Washington right now...with a steady 40 mph wind.

Kaz, that sounds refreshing right now. It's 97° and rising here in upstate NY.

Hey, the MFY lost. C.C. Sabathia gave up two runs in 8 innings and lost. That helps.

A Real Doll Heat Advisory was just issued. Melting can occur unless they have regular injections of fluids.

Wanna be cool? Mudville, USA is only 92!!!
To me that's OK. I do not have to shovel heat. I do not have to worry about falling on the sidewalk, except if it's on my soon to be former employer's sidewalk. Then, all bets are off.
The NFL players have the owners by the gonads! They must be talking to their baseball bretheren. The MLB union is the best in the bizz.

Now is the time I beer cart.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. Assuming fun doesn't melt in the meantime.

With Lackey pitching strong into the 7th against King Fucking Felix (according to the log at the Herald; the game ain't airing in DC), maybe it is time to remember that Lackey's wife is battling breast cancer. We've mentioned it here before, but I think we tend to forget based on how long ago we heard the news and how shitty his starts are compared to his squadmates.

Has he pitched shitty? Yup. Could any of us show up every five days and throw like Beckett or Buchholz or Lester (even if we had that sort of talent) with a wife at home dealing with the Big C? Probably not.

sadly, da kine raises a valid point

Three points:
1. Who was the Lackey impersonator who pitched on Friday night?
2. 3 games up on the Yanks!
3. CADEL!!!!!!!


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