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Gone chillin'... back soon

Your omniscient author in absentia:
The Soxaholix are on summer holiday and will return on Monday, July 11th.



"Hey look, the security guy is giving Hart a cavity search."

"Yeah, and that other security guy is taking H.B.'s Real Doll in for 'questioning.'"

Sweet adult diaper you got there.

Word is you can fly for free if you find someone's expired boarding pass to use.

The Red Sox say, "It gets better."

I'm really glad they listened to Sam Maden's petition and made this video. I think they're like the 2nd or 3rd MLB team to be a part of the campaign.

safe travels, hb. And the rest of you creeps too

I am wrapping up a visit to Montana. You might be hard-pressed to top a visit to the Berkeley Pit - #1 Superfund site.

yazbread, sounds like you're doing your own Butte cavity search.

Well, looks like I get to split work a little early.

Have a great Fourth of July weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Tuesday.

Orlando bound in the morning to visit The Mouse. See everyone in a week. Happy 4th everyone.

Hope my pat down is "gentle"...


Thanks for posting that Kaz. It seems a lot of times that professional sports is the last bastion of male heterosexuality and it's not something that is normally talked about in the sports community at large. Knowing that there's at least a door open for discussion is a huge step forward not only in the industry but society as a whole. Sometimes the best things come from the places you might not expect them to. Massive love to the guys for participating in this.

Cross linking what are you going to do about it?

Write rude comments on the cross-linkee (or is the cross-linker). Spam the shit out of 'em. I dunno, but something real awful.

Happy 4th all. I recall one of my happiest started with a group of you lot at the Baseball Tavern watching the hot-dog eating contest, taking in a game at Fenway and watching the fireworks over the Charles. Ah, memories:



Here it's lousy winter and no holidays.


Where's all the comments? I am of the sad. Natalie, I have stalked your place of residence sufficently. Mid-morning mimosas and an afternoon of you nibblin' Tek's thighs are at hand. AT HAND!

Whoops, just remembered! 4th of July there. My bad. Don't burn your faces off. :)

Lackey's a bum. Take it from there.

Happy holiday
We all tried to make it great
Message not recieved

Anyone got any Boudreax's Butt Paste? John Lackey gives me a bad case of red ass.


I've got some Monkey Butt Powder Jeff, but that's as close as I can get. Maybe coupled with some BioFreeze I can sort that out for you. Or it could just create a thick paste to either numb the pain or hold it in. Whichever you prefer.

Lackey was disappointing to me.



Happy 4th, kids

It'd be easy to say that I didn't have a good feeling about Lackey yesterday. But I didn't. I guess the good feelings only come about once every six or seven starts. God he was terrible. They really have to put him on the DL and just hope he comes back throwing better. You know, only giving up five or six runs every two innings.

Does anyone know if CBS put Fenway back the way they found it after spinning it almost 180 degrees in order to get the fireworks to come up over the press box last night as part of their "live" national show?

They also spun the State House 90 degrees and removed Beacon Hill to get Quincy Market in the same shot as the fireworks. Look, if CBS isn't willing to play nice with the reality of Boston, then I don't see why we keep inviting them back each year to beat us over the head with country singers.

What a disaster.I can't even bring myself to watch him anymore. Is there any plausible scenario in which they could find a trade partner?

six, they need to Renteria him. Pay someone to take him away.

Jeff, will Bag Balm do? At least it will take your mind off of your chapped ass and/or Lacking. (is that redundant?)

Bag balm, Monkey Butt powder - all fine treatments and from personal experience they all work well. However, I am now of the mind that what I really need is Tommy John's DL Relief ointment - it cures by removal.

What the hell was Francoma thinking, sending him out for the third? He clearly had nothing.

it's not the heat, it's the cupidity

Maybe we could trade Lackey to the Marlins or the Rays...it looks like they let people get away with murder down there in Florida, so it's a perfect fit for him.

Good thought Kaz. I vote for the Rays so the Sox could face him a few times a year.

As for the Anthony verdict, WTF??

Lackey for Zito? Saw it suggested online today. Contracts are virtually identical, and maybe the change of scenery will do them both some good.

Well it is a jury of the defendant's peers, so that can pretty well explain the outcome.

Cameron to the Marlins...I guess I'm HALF-prophetic. Also, Papelbon will be the death of me.

Death by Papelbon. There's a dessert cookbook in there somewhere.

Man, you aren't kidding re: Death by Papelbon last night. Holy mackeral, I thought my heart was going to explode that entire inning. Anyone who thinks baseball is boring should be forced to sit through that 9th inning on infinite repeat until THEIR hearts explode. This is the streakiest Sox offense I have ever seen: one moment putting up double digits, the next more anemic than a mosquito at Fashion Week. Does not bode particularly well for the playoffs.... Also, lat strain for Lester? Do we DL him now and take advantage of the AS break?

6 starters, one healthy. wtf

Sweet block of the plate by Tek to end the game last night. Saved Papelbon's ass from a horrific blown save. I'm not liking this injury situation one bit.

Lackey for Zito?? Hell, no. I don't want that to happen to my second favorite team! Besides, Zito still can pitch on occasion. Is Lackey getting paid anywhere near what Zito is?

Dear Choir, I shall preach to you.

When Tim Wakefield retires, the Boston Redsox are going to suffer mightily. Season after season our brother Timmuh cleans up the mess made by the "aces" and "superstars". Season after season. After season. Can I get an Amen?

Amen brother.

Nine amens. Give V-Tek the same year-to-year deal and I'll give you a thousand amens.

Timmeh is like pop music. The modern shit is all flash and slick production with a million bells & whistles, but it can make you feel a little flat when it's over.
A well placed classic can still give you goosebumps and on occasion, bring a tear to your eye.

Papelbon is the new Timlin. "I'll get you the save, but I'm going to make you sweat before I get it"

I am amen'ing Jeff in NC and da kine all over the place- it's like a Baptist revival here in my apartment.

And now Lester to DL? Can we go with a rotation of Beckett-Wakefield-Miller-Aceves-Wakefield until Lester & Buck come back? What? I forgot about Lackey? No, I didn't.

I read that the Casey Anthony jury wanted to convict her, but they didn't think it was fair that she'd be in jail and Lackey would be out free.

As long as Papelbon doesn't become the new Foulke, I'm learning to live with the new Timlin.

Also, I'm not sure how you have the audacity to think you can turn the Casey Anthony trial into a joke, Bob! That was the jury's job.

Fortunately we live in a society where being convicted in the court of popular opinon does not mean conviction in a court room. A jury was asked to convict a woman of first degree murder in which there was a) no physical evidence, including no determination of the cause of death, b) no witnesses to the crime, and c) no evidence of past abuse of the victim. I imagine most defense attorneys would take those odds any day. In the end there is no justice for the child, which is terrible, but that is not the jury's fault. What I don't understand is why she wasn't charged with child endangerment simply for not reporting the child missing for over a month. That would seem to be a slam dunk conviction.

Steve, she wasn't charged with child endangerment because the child wasn't missing for a month. The child was dead for a month. There was no life to "endanger."

Our legal analyst from Sydney hasn't weighed in yet ;)

I've got snakes out and speaking in tongue...a few more amens to the above. Uh, the Wake/V-tek part.

As to the wacko - I heard the DA was pressured into going big and not for the lesser charges. FWIW.

Back in the old days she would have been hung. We hung witches for less in New England and hung bandits for much less here in the Wild West. It's a shame that the lawyers hold so much power in society today.

Oh yeah. Go Sox. Nice to see Timmy win another one.

I'm just disappointed that Nancy Grace's head didn't explode when they read the verdict.

I'm just disappointed that Nancy Grace's head didn't explode when they read the verdict.

Rich, everything I know about the Anthony case I have learned from reading the above 51 comments. So I am well qualified to comment. I would caution against determining guilt based on media reports which often are in the nature of a feeding frenzy or witch hunt and bare little realtionship to the acual, um, evidence. Also the system is set up on the basis that it is better that ten guilty go free rather than one innocent is convicted - blah blah blah.

But what would I know? I am descended from Irish convicts, live in a country that commenced operation as penal colony and - as Bob once (rightly) pointed out in this creepy place - take the view that a city is 'civilized' if it has legalised prostitution.

sdu sc

Oh yeah and my favourite comment is the one that said the jury acquitted because they thought it was unfair that the accused be locked up when John Lackey walked free. The guy's a bum.

I think BigBri is about to explode all over his Jetes real doll. Hope his mom has the cleaning supplies within reach.


I'm going here for a week. So there!

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