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Coming up big

If Dustin Perdroia were a hurricane he'd be a Category 7.


Are you kiddig me, if Pedroia were a hostage rescue mission he'd be the Raid on Entebbe.


Seriously, If Pedroia were a volcano, he'd be Krakatoa.


Well, duh, I mean if Pedroia was a cosmic event he'd be the Big Bang.


OK, if Pedroia were a fictional character in a medieval fantasy series turned into an HBO premium drama, he'd be fucking Khal Drogo.


Should we stop now?


Yeah, as mere mortals, an ongoing Pedroia discussion can lead to spontaneous combustion.



If Pedroia were a government agent he'd be Jack Bauer.

Winter is coming. But don't worry, the laser show will keep us warm.

Winter is coming. But don't worry, the laser show will keep us warm.

If Pedroia was a former football player turned announcer he would, of course, be Ditka! Dustin Ditka.

If Pedroia were a boxer, he'd be Harry Greb.

If Pedroia was a Real Doll, I'd be gay.

If Pedroia was a hot TV wife he'd be Tami Taylor on FNL.

Lots of chuckles from today's strip, h.b. Thanks !!!

Ponch- aces! Perfect FNL ref....

LC, perfect

Thanks, LC. Coffee through the nose.

If Pedroia were
Matsuzaka in the rain
Cherries would blossom

thanks, kids, I was worried that one would sneak by.


I am not going to be a gooch.

If Pedroia were a dog, he'd be a Jack Russell Terrier (that courtesy of my daughter, the dog-lover)

If Pedroia hits in another 33 straight games, this waits at the end of the rainbow.

I can recall three times in my life when for short periods (hours to days) while playinhg sports and hobbies I was absolutely on top of my game. The world around me was my oyster. I was superman. It was an incredible feeling of fun and stardom.

The muddy chicken has been at it for months now. Dude is having the time of his life - literally. And we get the fans benefit.

If Pedroia was a Yankee, he'd be.. nope, there are no yankees as good as he.

In May, when Pedroia was hitting .250 or whatever, a guy where my wife works said that we'd never see the MVP-caliber 2b again. Ha. What's that guy saying now? I asked my wife this question last week. No answer. I'll be asking again tonight.

If Pedroia played jazz trumpet, he'd make Miles Davis cry.

Ervin Santana (Angels) no hit the Indians.

NYSoxFan's triple post late yesterday worked - the Mariners win!! Thuuuhhh Yankess lose!

And if Pedroia was a Collingwood footballer, it would be a long trip to the ball pahk each day.

Anyone read anything into Reddick being pulled from the original lineup for tonight's game?

Reddick has been traded for a Pedroia cloning machine.

If Pedroia was a cloning machine, he'd be the XC-1000/C.

I wish you all could have shared the deliciousness that was getting into my truck yesterday and listening to John Sterling have to recap the game just played. He always sounds like someones strangling puppies in front of him when he has to say Yankee players didn't play well.

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