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Always consider the generic brand

What's worse than the SI covah jinx? Having the CHB sing your praises.


Poor "Gonzo."


Yeah, if the Shank is gonna feature you, you'd be bettah off with one of hit pieces.


Before we venture any fahthah into the jinx land mine, please allow me to issue the following disclaimah: We have no particulah AL team in mind for said daunting prospect.


Right, right, just some generic American League team. Could be friggin anyone.


Absolutely. I mean heaven the fuck forbid we get ahead ourselves or anything.


"There is a whole lot of season left."™



Yep, just anothah generic, run of the mill team... nothing to see here, move along.



Re: 'Whole lot of season...', shirt please! I'd wear the shit out of that, or til it rotted off my back at least.

Three thumbs up,Pseudo ;D

Beckett tweaked his knee warming up last night? Say it ain't so.

(To keep the reverse gooch going): A team with all those impressive stats rarely makes it to the World Series. Or even the playoffs. Hell, sometimes they just pack up and go home about two weeks before the season ends, leaving fans to come to the park for high school lacrosse and live sex shows. Really, you can look it up.

@Bob, are season tickets still good for the sex shows?

This is the price of seeing all those aces we don't want to regularly face shipped off to the NL. I'd rather have the prospect of facing Lee in game 7 than having him pitching every 5th day in the Bronx.

Of course, should said generic AL team sweep, their hometown fans would have the pleasure of winning it at home.

Performing tonight-Larry and the Gynoids ;D

Opening act Lisa the Temp will sit in on their hit "Dutch Rudder" Come one Come all!!

Still like our chances.


Totally misread your comment Rich, thought you said 'Lisa the Temp' will sit on her Dutch Rudder'. Almost googled 'dutch rudder'. Almost. I know better now after the Great Lemon Party of '94.

Here ya go, pseudo:


Cheers Bob, I was ascared until-
'It's not gay. We're not touching dicks, well not each other's.'
Then I was all: LOL.

You learn something new everyday at this site. No offense, HB, but you seemed to have touched a nerve (or something) with today's post.

In general, I like to learn something new every day.

I also like to ask my kids "learn anything new today?".

But I'm not bringing that one up over the dinner table.

You could do it under the dinner table, Rudi.

So h.b. when does casting start for the "No Crying" film? I'd like to see Christopher Walken as Stan, Juliana Margulies as Terry and, of course, BigBri as himself.

To paraphrase one of my heroes Warren Zevon:

An innocent Yankees fan,
somehow I got stuck
between Kaz and Louclinton...
And I'm down on my luck...

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