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All this winning *and* the home of John Waters

It's good to see that the Globe has some level-headed writahs on staff...


I think Pete Abraham calls this one spot on: "The Red Sox lost, the Yankees lost and see you tomorrow.… It's not worth analyzing. They lost."


Yeah, no biggie.


Unless you're the Orioles. Then it's celebration time.


Seriously. Guthrie gets a win?!


Time to release the friggin balloons.



Good lord.

Wrong...Just wrong ;D

I always wondered what Devine was up to? lol

Shouldn't the gas be going the other way?

Here's some eye bleach for all of you after h.b.'s link:

Found on a Japanese web board

I . . . you . . . balloon . . . ::wanders off::

I wonder if that balloon craps zeppelins.

What. The. Frig.

I'm sure the O-whining will reconvene when we win tonight.

It's Mark Guthrie, not Mike, but who the fuck cares?

Ah, "Mark" but said by "Mike." Fixed now.

Uh, it's Jeremy Guthrie.

The "characters" have names? Who knew?

It's actually Jeremy Guthrie, sorry hb

Also, I am sorry Rupert Murdoch had a bad day.

Also, I am sorry Rupert Murdoch had a bad day.

And that balloon has a name, too.

It's actually Arlo Guthrie.


I think I have those exact stockings. Wait, is that me? :)

We watched the game last night out at a bar on the UWS with Sox fans abounding. It was a blast and not one of us did more than shrug at the loss. Whatevs. This team is good.

lol, vasoxfan

That, my friends, is letting your freak flag fly. You gotta spend some cash to make that little "hey, what if someone had a balloon that looked like..." joke come to life.

Uh, it's actually Woody Guthrie.

@Lauren - day game today - don't want you to miss out..

Regarding the baloon - that has got to be photoshopped, right?

It's the pride of Chillicothe. The balloon, not the Guthrie clan.

I suck

Steve, thanks for the heads up on the day game, I missed that. Hello, work, what?

I was going to go to the game tonight until I realized it was today, so I'd have arrived at about the bottom of the 7th.

Off topic...

In addition to the "Best of" Soxaholix lines book I've had in the works now, I'm also considering doing a another small eBook that would be a collection of all the scribbles, PostIts, notes, etc from the formation of the Soxaholix idea back in 2003.

Would anyone have an interest in that or is it too solipsistic even for this creepy crowd?

Count me in, even though I haven't a clue what 'solipsistic' means. That's not a high-brow way of calling someone a 'dipstick' is it?

you make us laugh and give us a community that keeps us off the radar of the pertinent authorities. let us support you in any way we can.

So, yes, interest.

Oh, and Miller's line is about as odd as it gets with a zero in the runs column.

Count me in, too. I tend to be a collector of things I enjoy, the type who has to have every last album, all the DVDs, read everything she can (currently obsessed with pouring over the reviews for the finale of FNL), etc.

I would categorize Miller's odd performance today as "solipsistic."

If only I knew what solopsistic meant... :'-(

I would buy hb's book if only to establish, with clarity, that both he and I exist...

Plus, I like the balloon link.

Can't wait to get all solipsistic over that MFing book. Hell yeah, I'm in.

Sure, H.B, I'd be interested. Sounds kind of cool, in a voyeristic, peeping Tom kind of way. In other words, like my Saturday nights.

So, now it's seven at home against the Mariners and Royals. Then it's off to Chicago and let's win there.

...and we all saw how that worked out :(

We'll buy, happily, whatever shit you throw at us hb.


Hmmm... I find the balloon strangely attractive

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