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Sunrise rental, 1 day

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I've got guests in town for the weekend +1, so my regular morning routine it out of rhythm.

Back to normal tomorrow.



In case anyone couldn't get to the celebration parade Saturday that wanted to, here's my Bruins Parade gallery on Facebook. Enjoy.

Nice pics Kaz!

Completely understand h.b. Searching for a Japanese fetish picture to appropriately convey what the Sox did to Gallardo is not something I'd want to do with my mother-in-law around either.

Good for you! You shouldn't be slave to a blog. Thanks for the pictures, Kaz! I was really sad to be away from Boston...

Nice pics Kaz. Tukka looks like The Great Gazoo.

BTW, I can just see some unaware guests happening upon H.B. as he's prepping for the strip.

"Gina, why is Hart huddled on the floor of his den surrounded by bullwhips, a collection of crime scene photos, a book of erotic haiku, a jar of blood, a bag of nun hair and what appears to be woman made of memory foam hanging from a meat hook?"

Thanks for the pics, Kaz. Couldn't get to the parade from down here in FL, but glad to see 1.5 million strong did show up to cheer for the champs!

Great pics Kaz!! I love the black and gold photos. Well done! Anybody get to see the Bruins at the game yesterday?

Best Father's Day Weekend, evah.

Kaz - I was with my kids just up Boylston a few blocks, but you had better pix. We never saw the Cup as it seems White Glove Boy must've been running it up the street on the far side of the boats. Otherwise, great viewing as we were nearly nose-to-nose with the players. Big Z looked like the Roman Emperor returning from smashing the Gauls. Julien and his family...all smiles. Just awesome.

Then yesterday - Wake!

Thanks for the pictures, Kaz! Made the shot of the State House my computer wallpaper! Such a beautiful day... it made me homesick!

Thanks, everyone. I was able to take pictures down around Bowdoin & Cambridge and then go over Beacon Hill and catch them coming down Boylston about halfway down the Gardens just passed the Four Seasons. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to cross the route to get the guys from the other side of the boats but thought I grabbed some good ones of the guys on the right side anyways.

Now...to figure out how to get out Wednesday's afternoon work meeting to go to the 1:35 PM Sox vs. Padres game that I have tickets for...

Beautiful photos Kaz. Thanks for sharing.

Ditto the above, Kaz - great photos. Flying with the family back to Maine Wednesday on the red-eye - the pix definitely helping me get into vacation mode.

Yesterday was fantastic - loved the horn for every run. And, if there's a child born in New England this year NOT named Tim...the parents need to removed from the house. Obvious child neglect.

I was at Fenway yesterday; the ceremony for the Bruins was awesome. I think we should keep the horn all season.

I won 4 tix in a charity raffle to yesterday's game, in the first row of section 24 right on the Sox dugout. Best day at Fenway ever for five reasons: 1) Father's Day with wife and boys (my 11-year-old caught Youk's sweaty Bruins cap), 2) Sox won, 3) best seats I've ever had at Fenway, 4) gorgeous day, and 5) Bruins and the Cup were there. To top it off, as Ray Allen got up to leave from his seat right next to Tito, our area starting singing "Let's go Celtics!" The only thing missing was Tom Brady.

PSP, that is indeed a day to remember!

Kaz - thanks for letting us live the parade vicariously through your pics. Really nice!

PSP - good for you. Sounds like a perfect day.

H.B. - I was going to make the "Hide the RealDoll (tm)" joke, but several others beat me to it. Heh!

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