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Stagger Lee got Beckett. Oh, he got that poor boy so hard.

Fercrissakes we're back to seeing people use "Red Sox" and "wild card lead" in the same sentence.


And it's back to back to back shutouts for the irrepressible Cliff Lee.


Meanwhile, Josh Beckett looked like a guy who has spent the last 12 days puking and not pitching.


Despite all this I remain firmly half-full with glassy metaphor.


Shit yeah, I'm happiah than a Doctor Who fanboy with a gingah fetish.


But you *are* a Doctor Who fanboy with a ginge binge.


Don't you judge me.



Darnell McDonald hitting fifth? Well played, Tito, well played...

I thought the same thing about the lineup. Not exactly a Murderers Row in spots 5-9. Not what you want going up against a guy who has only given up 1 run in the entire month. And now Lackey tonight? Another streak begins?

I think Lackey's going to be great tonight. No reverse gooch, no sarcasm, no nothing. I just have a feeling. Of course, it might be the sushi from last night, but still.

I might grow wings and fly, too, Bob

Surly but mutatable?

Wow. I get a link in the same strip with a link to Amelia Pond pictures! This is my lucky day.

It could've been River Song,David ;O

So, Bob, what you're saying is that you've got a feeling...that tonight's gonna be a good night?

Thanks a ton, Bob Eyed Peas.

Sending out the J.V. Red Sox against the best team in baseball. Nice job Theo and Francoma.

World Series preview?? Better hope not.

Karen Gillan was recently fond nekkid in a hotel corridor (for realsies). It sounds sexy at first - a Dr. Who fanboy dream - but then one reads the story and it sounds scary/sad.

Not just naked, but naked and whimpering. Whimpering is something the Real Doll manufacturers have never gotten right. A Real Doll whimper sounds more like a kazoo.

Why do I have a sudden craving for ginger snaps?

You've beaten the Yankees 8 out of 9 and you are STILL in 2nd place. The glass is half empty...

Jeez, what's that stench?

And it has nothing to do with the Yankees yet again getting a cakewalk schedule? Reaching, reaching.

You leave for a few moths and come up in this house with that bullshiz? Getdafuckouttahere!

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