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One good steed deserves another

There it is, baby — 8-1 through the best teams of the AL East not wearing Red Sox.


The best road trip in 34 fuggin' years.


And let's break this mofo badassness down shall we...


They've taken 24 out of 31 with 19 road games...


A 100 win team playing this schedule would have been expected to go 18-13 or 19-12.


A team playing at a 107-108 win pace in order to finish at 100 after stahting 17-20 would have gone 20-11.*


And what did the Sox just go?




Take it to the bridge!


What perfect timing to be taking the hot knife though some National League butter.


Of course once again we're getting the shaft on the so-called "designated rivals" meme... The Yankees get the .493 Mets, the Rays get the .464 Marlins and the Sox get the .629 Phillies.


Mike, are you scared of the Phillies?


Fuck no. You?


Let's put it this way...


If the situation right now could be encapsulated in a single Japanese fetish photograph, the Sox offense and Sox defense are the two man-steeds and the rest of the league is wearing a frilly dress and pensively waiting for something nasty to happen to it, something very nasty.



ye gods I don't want to know how you found that picture.

I'm not worried about the Designated Rivals, it's the lack of designated hitters on the road that scares me a little. Either Gonzalez or Papi is going to be on the bench in those interleague road games.


That's why there are two... if the offensive steed goes off screen, the defensive steed can still go to nasty town.

That last panel is hysterical, Your Highness. Bring on the NL!

Are those RealHorses?

And speaking of studs, Youk's little diving catch of the failed bunt attempt by the young Rays paduan learner and Aceves general cleaning up of all things long relief are two fine examples of why the Red Sox stud barn is now taking all comers.

Is the brown tarp supposed to represent a stable floor, or is it there for its non-absorbent qualities?

Phillies have an AL pitching staff. (2 starters worth) and lack the bats from their 2008 championship season. Not gonna be an easy trip to the City of Brotherly Hate...

I tightened my sphincter ahead of clicking the link in that last panel. Yep. Instincts were right. Yeesh!

Any concerns about Buch's sore back or Lowery's shoulder (again)?

They seem nice.
What could go wrong?®

James Brown in my head the rest of the morning now.

Funny, I have Justin Timberlake Sexy Back in my head after the "Take it to the bridge" panel. Hilarious strip today, thanks for the Friday laughs.

At least it wasn't "Little Red Corvette"

I love Little Red Corvette, that's one of my best karaoke songs, after Bette Davis Eyes. :)

Natalie should start doing a karaoke version of the old Crystal Gayle tune altered to go...

"Don't it make my teal dress, don't it make my teal dress blue."

Keeping it teal,h.b. ;)

Makings of a dirty game yesterday... thanks to David Price, who pretty much acknowledged a personal Youk vendetta to the press.
David Price just got added to my list...
i'm glad we won. a David Price win would have felt like a Joba win.

my eyes are a little blurry this morning - is the young thing in the middle wearing teal?

Did Nat send hb that picture?

You all have probably seen the Vancouver riot pics including the one where a couple is making out during the middle of the riot.

Well, I didn't come up with this, but I wish I had...it's perfect: http://i.imgur.com/nV5ms.jpg

As far as interleague play, the Sox are getting pretty shafted. The Padres are barely below 0.500...the only cakewalk is the Astros...I don't think ANY of the other AL teams have a setup quite this bad. We play the Pirates and even *they* are on a hot streak right now and are above 0.500 heading into the All-Star Break.

yazbread: "Are those RealHorses?"

No. No, those are "furries".

Okay, I gotta split early today so I can secure the apartment before it gets set upon by a million people tomorrow. Let's see, caldrons of hot oil on the roof...check. Freelance archers...check. Aaron Rome in a catapult...check.

Okay, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Damn- I was so expecting Bob to announce that the beer cart had arrived, pushed by Andrew Ference with sort sort of big silver stein in the middle

OMG Kaz thank you for making me snarf coffee.

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