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Lite Brite, making things with li-i-ight...

Since scoring at least 10 runs in 3 of 4 games in mid-June, the Sox have only scored 15 runs in the last 7 and are a sobering. 1-6 in that stretch.


Welcome to April in June, it's deja vu all ovah again.


Yeah, well, maybe it'll be Christmas in July.


Nope, nothing but coal in our red stockings.... haven't you heard? The Red Sox are broke ass bitches.


Po' widdle wed sox with their small mahket paywoll. Sniff.


So what the heck happened to the glass half full around here?


I think it was a trick of the light because it's looking wicked empty today.


See that's what happens when the Feds phase out incandescents.


Fucking fluorescents, you're ruinin' my summah!



*** NOTICE ***

I'll be on summer holiday starting tomorrow thru July 11.

I'll set up some auto-posting placeholder vacation spots so you can keep the creepy zeitgeist going in my absence.

I've got a bomb shelter full of incandescent bulbs.

So, Tito has Papi and Gonzalez in the line-up and the only bright spot of the night is Lackey. I kept expecting evil Superman to fly into Bizarro World Yllihp.

Have to say Bob, you were right about Lackey. 8 solid innings AND an RBI double to boot? Please continue to prognosticate more success for him before future starts.

I grew wings and landed with a thud.


It's all meaningless soothsaying if the Sox don't win.

Our offense stinks worse than a woman left in a public pool for 3 days.

What? Too soon?

So sayeth the Soothsayer who sayeth the gooch?

As a swimmer I am appaled that she was not given her own lane.

Also, does this disprove the notion that you void your bowels after passing? They might not close the pool for a dead lady but you can bet your ass they would shut that shiz down the second someone spots a floater.

This sucks... I do not want to be swept by a team that shares its name with a sandwich.

...or a Baby Ruth

More Amelia Pond!

Here's hoping tonight the Sox cream the Philly high cheese.

I know. I know. A weak stretch for a bad pun.

But it's my only line!! - Carol Cleveland from Monty Python's Flying Circus

Vacation? OOOO, I hope that means a week of Lisa the Temp!

Dentists have all the fun...

Oh sure-but when she whimpers does it sound like a kazoo??

I wish they made another version of that doll without teeth. You know, for other, uh, applications.

Hamels leaves early with hand contusion (A-gon). Sox are up 5 - nil in the top of the 8th and Tek has 2 homers.

Nice performance by Lester

Okajima San -
At least you're not BLEEPIN' Jenks!! -
Come back; forgiven.

Nice haiku, SDU!

Nice job, Mr. Lester. Number 10 comes at a good time.

Oh, BTW, Whitey's indigent and gets a court-appointed attorney. Some guy from Sydney. Guess he knows Boston pretty well though. Name of "Sadew" or something like that.

You need teeth to play the kazoo?

Only if you're nibbling on it.

Well, bzzt bzzt bzt, ba bzzt bzzt bzt, Yowza.
And good to know this team still has some teeth left in it. Don't mind that kind of nibblin'.

Hmmm, pseudo, what kind of nibblin' DO you mind? Are you rejecting the idea of nibbling on Tek's thighs because them's fighting words, and you probably have triangulated my position. Do I need to be hitting the bag to prepare? :)

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