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Lisa long time

Lisa the Temp:
Did you miss me, peeps?


Lisa the Temp:
Lisa is just now returning from a long term assignment at the World Bank IMF.


Lisa the Temp:
That's right, peeps, super important world finance work.


Lisa the Temp:
It was draining...


Lisa the Temp:
I mean what an incredibly dedicated and focused bunch of people.


Lisa the Temp:
Day and night, night and day, they are relentless in pursuit of filling any void.


Lisa the Temp:
Lisa spent many a long day graciously rejecting their heartfelt overtures to inject a stimulus into the Bank of Lisa... Front door or back it's all "Knock. Knock Knock. Hello, IMF dude here... If you don't let me in Ima effin gonna huff and ima effin gonna puff and ima effin gonna value your currency down.".


Lisa the Temp:
But don't worry, peeps, Lisa knows how to keep the Fannie Mae solvent.


Lisa the Temp:
What's that? My riffs are a couple weeks past their expiration date?


Lisa the Temp:
Well, what can I say, I've been behind a firewall the past 2 months.


Lisa the Temp:
Oh, wait, that's right I need to translate that into your local dialect...

Been behind a FIAH wall.


Lisa the Temp:
Oh, c'mon now, you know you love it when Lisa favors you with a flirty neg.



Nice work out of you.

I'm just the typist. The Spirit of Lisa does all the work.

I thought Lisa was off temping (tempting) for Congressman Weiner.

As a reader of this site from its beginning, I try to ignore the tea party-ish political commentary, but do you really not know the difference between the World Bank and I.M.F.?

World Bank, Schmerld Bank. IMF, Schmi MF. It's all irrelevant when Lisa is flirting with me. And she is, I just know it.

I thought it was ME ;D

Your highness,

I guess you need to hire a galley proofer or fact checker for future issues. Might be difficult getting them to work at 5 am when you are producing the strip.

But I don't want to go among mad people,' said Alice. 'Oh, you can't help that,' said the cat. 'We're all mad here.

I think that is the only Tea Party we identify with.

Nice work, bitch.


Lighten up, Francis

I'd attend Lisa's tea party.

Also, memo to first time, long time fuckface above. If this site was even a little (legitimately) teapartyish, you would have seen me gone a long time ago. The Tea Party is their own joke. They suck balls. They are ignorant, entitled white people who can't fucking dress themselves in the morning. Enough with the TP douches bags.

They exist for one reason alone: my entertainment.

Just ask the dope who is Governor of Maine.


In layman's terms, the IMF is the bank teller and the World Bank is the loan department. If you don't think the loan department is skeevier than the bank tellers at your local bank, then I can't help you.

Besides, what can you do with "IMF"? Whereas, there's plenty you can do with World Bank, like "World Spank", "Borld Wank", "Donkey Show", and "Whirled Stank".

So lc, how do you REALLY feel about the Tea Party?

I embrace all human beings, for their essential goodness.

IMF/World Bank/United Nations/NPR... all the same to my low hanging bags of tea.


I'll change it to IMF for the sake of fact, because, and let me be clear, as I've said before, this is an honest to goodness factual site that people rely on for accuracy and have paid good money to expect that accuracy damnit!

Meanwhile, I really do write these at 5am in 3 mins or less. Which is why you'll often see their/there and to/too/two errors etc. I'm surprised I got write right above. Heh.

OK. Back to my Glen Beck podcast you bunch of tax and spend IMF/World knowin' pinkos and tree huggahs ...

FTLTFF - someone should put that in the urban dictionary.

Is it just me, or is Lisa getting even naughtier? I mean, Palin/Bachmann levels of hot naughtiness?

Love me some Lisa on a Friday. mmmmmm

Lisa - I'll be happy to support your zlotys. Maybe loan my franc to your ringgit? All clawback provisions inforce, naturally.

Lisa is all about the RenminBI

I was searching for Obama's birth certificate and ended up here...

@lc I have a 4x8 Open for business sign to sell you...

Aw Lisa-I love you looooong time ;O

h.b. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to type out Lisa's lengthy thoughts one-handed. But I do want my money back, as the World Bank/IMF confusion has lead me to questioning everything I know about the world. To wit: I am not super clear on whether the risque photos I just discovered on my phone are of me. It's verily impossible to say! Coulda been a prank, you know.

I go to Soxaholix to get my fix of Sox talk and what do I get?! Sexual innuendos and Tea Party-bashing.

Cool !!!


Why don't you just go ahead post those photos and let us take a look and see if we can help determine whom they are of?

@Nat - just look for skimpy shreds of teal on those photos. If any other color, you can confirm the prank.

Thanks all for the world finance primer, I was so lost before - We just use the local currency out here.

hb- let me consult with Andrew Breitbart first and get back to you on that. :)

World Bank, IMF, who cares. I am busy trying to fund JWB (that would be me, hey that rhymes) at the local branch of the BB&T (still rhyming), and I dont think such fanciful discussions as international banks has much to do with my own Friday afternoon. You may argue otherwise that I am not seeing the big picture, but I retort with "My coffee still costs free fitty and the Redsox still bent over too eagerly to grab their ankles while standing in front of those of the white sox persuasion no matter who the grand poobah of the bank is boinking". although I guess the whole situation did bring Lisa up for air, so good channeling there Your Highness.

Well, Lisa is a great way to end the week. (Hell, she's a great way to begin one too).

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Remember the Maine! To hell with Spain!

Crap. Of COURSE it has to be Burrows with the winner. Bite me.

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