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Hittin' haze all in my brain

Dood, I've gotta lay off the friggin purple haze + skunk cross strain.


Yeah, what happened this time?


There's a fucking pandemonium in my space-time continuum...


I mean last night, for instance, I'm watching the Sox game and in the 7th inning I see David Ortiz draw a 2 out intentionally walk and then, feverishly high on the haze-skunk, I swear I saw Ortiz come up *again* in the *same* inning!


I know, I know... Not.Friggin.Possible.


Yeah, well, put this in your German vaporizah and inhale it...


The Red Sox have scored 10 or more runs in:

3 of the last 4 games
6 of the last 12 games
and 4 of the 7 games against NL opponents.


Well, since you put it that way, scuse me while I kiss the sky.*


You named your Real Doll "Sky"? Cute.



I'm excited about Miller. He's got potential. Got to see him pitch several times as a Tar Heel, and he was wild as a turkey, but boy could he throw hard!

Great Hendrix tune. And the Sox offense is certainly in tune as well.

The last couple weeks have left me with just a feeling of....Duuuude, did you just see that?

I don't hurp the Purp, but something tells me nothing could top the sublime euphoria of the current run.

It started in Toronto. Just sayin'. You're welcome

Where would you put this over under bet, at even money? Number of games in which the Red Sox score more than X runs versus number of games where the Patriots score fewer than X runs.

X has gotta be higher than 14... maybe 16? 17?

I stepped away, it was 4-3. My roommate told me the final was 14-whatever...


Doug's RealDoll(tm) must be male. Everyone knows it's "'scuse me while I kiss this guy."

.824 in June!

Chops - Take the over. The Pats don't score "runs"...


@Rob, That's almost as good as some of my Brit friends asking me how the latest Red Sox baseball match went. sigh

Rob in Ct, I had the same thought. As a kid my mis-hearing of the Hendrix lyric was right up there with this line from the Rascal's "Groovin'": "You and me endlessly," which I heard as "You and me and Leslie" and assumed was about a threesome.

Women do get woolley.

Was at the game last night. Miller was really, really good for five innings, but really, really done in the sixth. That home run was still rising when the fans got their (now badly bruised) hands on it.

Oh, and thank you L.C.

"Mondegreen"-A misheard song lyric.

e.g. CCR-"There's a bathroom on the right."

AC/DC "Dirty Deeds & the Dunderchief"

Robert Palmer
Addicted To Love
"Might as well face it, you're a dick with a glove."


You guys are AWESOME! Those were good misheard lyrics. Dunderchief just might have to be my new handle on this creepy site.

Cute, pseudo. Hope we do well in the 'match' again tonight. :-)

There have been times in the not-too-distant past where, if the Sox were up by three and then lost the lead, I would think that things were not trending well and there was a good chance they'd wind up losing. Last night, after the Padres tied it up, I thought to myself that there was little chance the Sox would not score more runs. Now, did I expect 10 runs in out inning (nine of them after two were out)? No.

"Stand on the Rug" by Wings.

I'm a sailor pig and I've lost my leg.

I'm a sailor pig and I've lost my leg.

Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Steak and a knife, steak and a knife. -- The Bee Gees

'HEY! WAYNE! I've got a new corn-plane!' Nirvana, Heart-shaped Box. Gosh, my adolescence was fun. ;)

Manfred Mann's Blinded by the Light, "wrapped up like a douche". I swear it still sounds like that to me and not 'revved up like a deuce'

You're dirty sweet and you're my girl.
Get it on, Vagabond, get it on!

Here are a few classic misheard lyrics from yours truly...

"I wanna be a dog..." Stone Roses ("I want to be adored")

"Money honey you can't get no respect, pry open a can to see what you can get.." Bay City Rollers ("Money, honey You ain't got no respect/ But I like to watch you Just to see what you can get")

And the best of all....

"When my hand slips down, down in your back yard..." The Cult, She Sells Sanctuary (Oh the Texas sun, Make my back burn...)

When I was little (like 8 or so), I thought the chorus to Olivia Newton John's "Physical" was "let's get busy come." Needless to say, my father found that so hilarious he didn't correct me. And in fact, I wasn't far wrong. :)

Bingo jet had a light on.

J. Geils Band
My anus is the center hole

Suicide Blonde
Soup and salad bar

These games have been very useful teaching my three and 4 yr old numbers and addition. It's like Sesame Street only better.

I can't help but go with a mashup here...

"Let's get busy come, busy come / My anus is the center hole, anus is the center hole"

What? It's NOT "wrapped up like a douche"? NO WAY!


h.b. forgot the douche in his mash-up as well.

This is very easy: the reason we " kiss this guy" is because "the sky's in love with you."
It's obvious

more more more!

"Chug-a-lug, it's drivin me mad, it's makin me crazy" - Steve Miller Band

I also thought Hendrix sang "kiss this guy" as a kid.

Nirvana: "I'm ascared of my libido!"

In your head, in your head, some air,some air, some air,air,air. Cranberries

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