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Here they come, boogie-dy, boogie-dy

For anyone half emptying their glasses ovah heah, Tomase in the Herald points out a nice tidbit — "In 2006, the Red Sox went 16-2 in interleague play. They didn’t even sniff the playoffs."


I don't fret the interleague stuff, but the streaks are a bit unnerving.


Well, just the losing ones, right?


Has there evah been a streakier Red Sox team?


I went to a Red Sox season and a Robert Opel broke out.



I was thinking about the Sox' streakiness, too. They have five steaks of three of more losses so far this season (and no, the opening six-loss streak doesn't count as two).

I don't like that trend at all.

Don't look, Ethel!

More like Mr.Boogedy ;O

Fuck Tomase. He is a POS. I will never forgive him for the crap he wrote prior to the game that shall never be mentioned.

Phillies are the best team in the NL. Sox had trouble with the WORST teams in the NL so that means a Sox sweep?!

Need Beckett & Buck back in the rotation, stat!

I'm sure you're like me and will not believe something unless someone runs through some numbers. So here it is:


Meanwhile right field has become The Thing with Two Heads, starring JD Drew as Ray Milland and Mike Cameron as Roosevelt Grier.
Fans running, screaming for help.

One of the great bad movies of all time. Ray Milland strapped onto Rosie Grier's back with their heads sharing a collar. Special effects have come a long way.

What's really amazing to me is that we're 45-32 and not one of our starters has 10 wins yet and only one of them has more than 6!

Tough to win with 1 regular starter in the rotation. It'll smooth out.
Is there a reason Reddick isn't getting a chance to play every day?
At least we miss Halladay, who was busy throwing his 5th complete game yesterday for his 10th win.

Nice link, Stan. Interesting that the top 7 streaky teams are all in the AL. Don't know what that means, but interesting all the same.

Beckett-lee looks like a great duel on paper. Watch it be 10-8, which would be OK as long as the Sox have the 10.

Robert Opel was before my time, but I remember this guy:


... which nobody remembers because we almost saw part of Janet Jackson's nipple. Surreal Super Bowl all around.

I'm with Scott. I never read Tomase for that very reason. The Herald used to be all slick and not put his name on the article until you clicked, but I guess other people have forgotten what a fucking douchetool he is.

I hear you re Tomase. I took the link from SoSH. Figure if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me.

Also I subscribe to the notion that they are all asswipes, so I'm not going to boycott any particular person. I mean for fuck's sake, I still link the CHB. Hah.

No worries h.b. Link away. That writer just makes me want to go postal on somebody.

Is bringing a Real Doll to Fenway ipso facto streaking???

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