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Ah, the ebb tide (stinks like rotting fish)

Swept (at home!) by the White Sox...


Bruins cafucked by a Canuck with 18.5 calicks on the calock...


Massachusetts torn up by tornadoes...


I mean talk about pissing on Plimouth Rock.


I'm not happy. No sir, not happy at all.


This is one of those days where even Tweeting my proof of arousal pics to coed followers isn't gonna cheer me up.



Waiting for frogs to fall out of the sky. Or anvils, as long as that second base ump is underneath.

Is that a roll of quarters or are you just happy to see me??

Look on the bright side, Lackey comes off the DL to start on Sunday. Oh wait...

Matsuzaka to have Tommy John.

Well...thought you'd be better, Daisuke. Thanks for the two pretty good years (2007-8); have fun dominating the NL as you come back from surgery.

Soxinsix, that is terribly cruel.

No loss today; better days ahead.


2 words re: Sox-Sox series- That. Sucked.

Cruel, but accurate Lauren, at least so far this season...and last season...

I don't think Matsuzaka has ever felt comfortable pitching/living in the US. All the Tommy John surgery in the world won't solve that, but at least the year in Japan might help.

The Bruins need to stop screwing up at the ends of periods (early or late). It's not intermission until it is. It's game time when the horn sounds. These super early give-aways and super-late crotch-punches suck so badly.

re: tornadoes in western Mass. That twister went straight over the main route I travel everyday, about the time I drive it everyday (I-91 north)! Only an extra project that took me an extra 15 minutes kept me about 15 minutes behind that storm crossing the Connecticut river and over my car...sometimes it is better to be lucky then good...or in the Canucks' case both

This story makes you wonder if A-Fraud is even more arrogant than he seems, or just stupid:


...or quite possibly both ;D

I vote both, too.

"Arrogant and stupid is no way to go through life,son"-Dean Wormer

Well, your Highness, I must say that it is a sad day when I have to read the newspaper to get my Octomum news:

This oversight finds His Highness full of vexation.

Speaking of crazy moms, His Highness confesses that he finds Casey Anthony most hawt. Crazy. Psycho. Beyond reprehensible. Guilty. But oh so hawt.

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