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A shorter breath of day

You know the best thing about playing the Phillies?


They're not the Yankees?


You got it, bro. Does your girlfriend know how smaht you are?


What girlfriend?


That preppy chick from sales you've been bonin'.


What are you working for fucking TMZ now?


"There comes a warning like a spy."



And summers are away games.

So we don't catch Halladay. but have a diarrhea-weakened Beckett going against Lee.

I think there'll be lots of runs. (Sorry.)

WS preview, bitches!

"There comes a warning like a spy."

Is that anything like: "Why do they call her Lassie?"

Now that's a high brow quote Kaz. RIP, Beulah Balbricker.

'...diarrhea-weakened Beckett...'
I'd like this phrase printed on a shirt made of the softest cotton and delivered to me by a gold-hotpant-bedecked Thai ladyboy post haste. POST HASTE!

A way to make tonight's Phillies-Sox match up even better: a cage match between Wally and the Phanatic- to the death, TO THE DEATH.

I like Cliff Lee. Why? Because he turned down Stankee $$$. It's too bad he's about to be Becketted.

Cliff Lee?? Didn't he draw the Spiderman comics? j/k

pseudo, how about a T that reads:

Diarrhea-weakened Beckett

Still no runs

Harwich, that was Stan Lee, the guy they named the Cup after.

PSP, you're thinking of Lord Stanley, the Connecticut iron worker who made tools with Black and Decker.

Nah, (Bud) Black, pitcher, and (Steve) Decker,catcher, were a battery for SF in 1991.

pablo, you're thinking of Bud Selig, head of MLB, and Steve Soboroff, VP of the Dodgers who are having a war over the Dodgers' finances right now.

Kaz, you're thinking of William Selig, founder of the Selig Polyscope Company (one of the first motion picture studios), and Jacob Soboroff, corresponcent for AMC News.

Bob, you're thinking of the Allina Medical Clinic at St. Paul College, SPC-AMC.

Kaz, I could be wrong, but I think you're thinking of the song from "Hair" with all the initials in it.


Pablo, I bet you're thinking of L.B.J., the initials of the biggest choke artist in the history of the NBA.

Kaz, you're thinking of the National Band Association, which doesn't have any athletes in the group, so it doesn't realize that the name NBA has already been taken by the cool kids.


Bob, you've embarrassed yourself. You're thinking of the Nationals Bandwagon Association, which is comprised of the entire metro DC area that suddenly gives a shit about MLB.

Bob, honest mistake, but I think you mean The National band whose recent single is Bloodbuzz Ohio.

Wow - Darnall got all the way to second base.


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