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Threat level awesome

Well, so much for the joke that they'll get Osama bin Laden before Crawford gets his first clutch hit.


A Sunday of improbables...


And Crawford can point to the video evidence.


Hey, Doug, your tinfoil is showing.


Just kidding...


But look at the rate this team is going, it's going also going to take nearly 10 to make that 5 game behind deficit.


Seriously. Losing 2 of 3 at home to one of the worse teams in the AL?


Funny how I thought this season would be like J-Lo – mature, polished, rich and incredibly hot.


Instead, well, instead...



That about sums it up, h.b.

I had the pleasure of attending the game yesterday with Ms. Lc and the two lc jr's, who are men now. The stars aligned so that they were both around (very rare) and available to a trip to the pahk. Don't know if there will ever be a better day at The House That Beer Built. Just sayin'

Anyhow, B. Jenks shaved his goat and stunk the place up. T Wakefield was, almost literally, unhittable. The wind was at his back, it seemed, and that knucklah was doing crazy things. On top of that King Felix looked pretty awesome himself. And Paps is pitching for money, which makes him good. Crawfish had to get a hit, and did. I got a sweet souvenir cup.

OBL got offed and I found a penny face up in the street this morning, so i think I ought to call it good.


I don't get this team.

We lose to a guy named "Fister", but beat King Felix with our 56 year old knuckleballer...

I just hope Crawford gets his second clutch hit before they get Whitey.

I don't care who gets the clutch hit as long as someone does. They had so many chances to win Saturday and salvage a decent start from Lackey but couldn't do squat. If they ever put the pitching and hitting together, look out.

I'm pretty bummed out... I had "Arrest Biggie's murderer" in the "improbable events that will happen before Crawford gets a big hit" pool.

This team seems as boring as last year's team.

I'm getting the feeling that Tito will be mlooking for a new job around July if something big doesn't happen soon. The suits have paid entirely too much money for this team to be this bad.

And good job to the military on killing OBL. It's nice to see another organization that got its start in Boston with a little success.

"another organization that got its start in Boston". Love it! Great point.

1636 to be exact......next time someone needs two in the hat in Pakistan, drop a MOAB...

WEEI has gone all Fox News on us - Glen Ordway and Michael Holley sound like Bill O'Reilly and the incredibly frightening Greta van Susteren.

@SDU - how else can you explain our 0-fer a million w/ RISP but with a solid conspiracy.

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