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The graybeard is a school-boy still...

Tim Wakefield... what can one say, really?


44 years, 288 days old? Un.Buh.Lievable.


Here youth, unchanging, blooms and smiles,
Here dwells eternal spring,
And warm from Hope's elysian isles
The winds their perfume bring.*


You know not only was Wake amazing last night, but when you factah in the timing and the need with the injury situation, well, it's the stuff of legend.


As we approach that critical June 1st inflection point, you've got to be feeling pretty good.


If you told me a month ago that I'd be looking at 25-21 club a ½ game off the lead, I'd of called you a crazy sonavabitch.


Seriously, here we are a month after the worst staht evah, and we're all feeling as giddy as Tom Brady on a Mexican pool slide.


Now if it would only stop raining.


The rain is ruining my summah!



Wake was simply outstanding. Pitchers who don't attack the strike zone (uh, Dice-K?) should take a lesson from the old man. "I'm old, I have a pitch I literally have little to no control over, yet I command the game and the count. Now get me a hot toddy, bitch-K."

Wake was a great play against an NL team that hasn't faced us since he was -55 years old. Put him in against most of the AL East and I think we would have seen different results.

On another completely different topic: I'm glad Jon Rich won Celebrity Apprentice. I would have hated for Marlee Matlin to have been boat-anchored by Trump. I think she's better than that.

When Wake's on, it doesn't matter how many times a team has faced him. That knuckler is unpredictable, unfathomable, unhittable (with apologies to Jackie Chiles).

Of course, when Wake's not on, the kuckler is outrageous, egregious, and preposterous, but certainly not yesterday.

Sometimes being a crazy sonovahbitch is the best thing you can be.

And echoing Bob, the Timmeh love is alive in this house, and always has been. It's a frustrating proposition at times (especially to the still newbie hubby) but the payoff is huge. I hope that I can be there on the day the man retires. I'll swim the Atlantic for that shit.

Wake was awesome. And it appears that Bard has decided (or more likely, somebody has decided for him)that it's better to rely on his 98+ mph stuff for 90% of his pitches instead of every third one being off speed, and sent over the wall.

Oh and about your rain sitch- I'm sure that I and many others here in the UK would trade a few days here and there fo a bit of moisture. We haven't had much precipitation since we had a wicked snowstorm in December. And while it makes for some incredible weekends, this shiz is getting parched.

It must suck to be Tom Brady.

I very much appreciate what the Wake-man did last night but as I said earlier in the season (after a couple of horrible outings by him), he should retire at the end of this year. And I hope he still does.

I want Wake to tie or beat the Red Sox win record. No slight to Cy, but I want a real baseball player to hold that record, not Roger.

I do not want Wake to cost us a title while he tries for it. I do not need to be realistic with my wishes.

I want Wake to throw a nono. Not likely, but refer to previous comment.

I want that mutant Kuato, Quade? Whatever, who is managing the Cubs to eat shit. Two to One... Go fuck a duck.


We couldn't get the game on TV down here (thanks for nothing Fox) so we were listening on the radio. Was Quade saying/signaling TO RED SOX, it's two to one now, implying we're going to get you again, or was he saying/signaling TO THE UMPS, it's two to one, why are you warning my pitcher? I took it to be the latter from the radio call.

@Steve, what's your normal procedure on a Fox/ESPN game? Usually what me and the hubby do is watch the MLB.tv broadcast on mute and listen to WEEI if it's Fox or ESPN. Ours is a different situation though. I was just curious.

@pseudo: no easy answer to that, because the blackout rules are complex here. If the Sox are at home and the game is on FOX/ESPN/MASN (O's broadcaster) vice NESN we'll genearlly listen to the WEEI broadcast on XM radio with the sound turned off on the TV. Most, but not all of the time, I can sync the two broadcasts up to within about a half second. However if the game is on the road, XM gives us homers, so it becomes a question of who is more annoying - the homer radio team or the ESPN/MASN/FOX team. That said, if Tim McCarver (Fox) or Jim Palmer (MASN) is the color person, we will always listen to the XM radio broadcast. Listening to those two guys is akin sticking bamboo shoots under my fingernails.

The 2-1 stuff was most definitely directed across the diamond at the red sox. And I am all for on field settling of a score, but there was no score to settle. Just a wild pitcher on a bad night with an unfortu ate injury resulting. Francona has to much class unfortunately to give him back the You're #1 signal.

Wake is so fun to watch when he's on his game. Here's to hoping he's always on the roster...
A tradition I'd rather not break anytime soon...

@Steve, Haha! The first time the hubby heard McCarver he was like, 'who is this pissflap?!?' We don't suffer the standard blackouts because we live in the limey future and therefore are immune, thankfully.

@Jeff -Francona shoulda gave him the #1 and some V for Victory on top. That's just ignorant.

pissflap? I needed the urban dictionary for that one. I thought it might be some sort of Real Doll attahcement, but it turns out actual women have them too. See, you do learn something everyday!

Everyone has a pissflap Steve.


Too..much..information.. lol

Turns out Bard is a piss flap as well...

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