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That which we call a rose...

You know the expression "trade a guy for a bag of balls"?


Well, that's hyperbole, of course, but I shit you not that right now I'd trade Lackey for that dude with the winged jet-suit who's gonna try to jump the Grand Canyon.


And BTW memo to Theo: Don't go aftah guys with Dickensian names like "Lackey." I mean c'mon.


I dunno, I think it depends on the sort of Dickensian name.


I mean I'd sure as fuck take an Octavio Steelorbs or a Langdon Throwstone.


Can we get a scout ovah to the NOTY's?



//...better aerodynamic profile with more stability//

That line about Winged Jet Pack Man sums up his advantage over Can't Get Off the Mound Lackey Man.

I actually witnessed that mess in person yesterday. Sweet mother of all that is impure. I guess there will be a few woofers along the way, but that tasted really bad.

On the other hand it was a day game, which left my evening open to the the Infamous Stringdusters last night. Trust me (tough concept I know), these guys are good. If they come to your town, go see them.



I didn't like the Lackey signing from day 1 after watching him struggle in Fenway for the previous few years. And his 1+ years here have not made me feel any differently. And he's an ugly motherfucker to boot. How much longer are we stuck with that ungodly contract?

But he sounds like a Muppet and that makes me laugh.

(Momma always said if you can't say something nice...)

I think the baseball gods have just decided to screw with everyone for fun this year. Our team loses six in a row, then takes 2 of 3 from the mfy, gets swept by the rays, then goes on the road to sweep the halos, loses two of three to Seattle, but consequtively beats three of the best pichters in baseball, then can't buy a hit against two journeymen. Meanwhile the mfy lose 3 of 4 to motown, and we sit only 4 games back with 80% of the season to go. And how the hell do you explain Cleveland having the best record in baseball? Cleveland, really?

Re: NOTY Dragonwagon regional, No. 7 "Rev Demon Sox"
Hell's yeah! Is Batshit making a comeback?

damn, I almost missed No. 16 "Moe Lester". Gotta. Be. Related.

Here's a trade I'd take right now: Batshit and Pedro for Lackey and Dice-K, (which partially explains why I don't have Theo's job, I guess).

You know, this site has devolved into inside joke commentary on about 12 or 14 different topics that the site presenter and his flock have deemed funny over the past 4-5 years.

I recognize most of them.

It's 11 topics, J.O. Do your f-ing homework.

I got 99 topics but the bitch ain't one

And they are all categorizable using the Dewey system.

(And Dewey was one fuck of a ballplayer.

and fortunately, J.O., most of us recognize you, too

I just can't get over what a good name The Infamous Stringdusters would be for an upmarket strip club.

Pseudo, are you familiar with Stringfellows in Covent Garden, the infamous gentleman's club? Mystiquue and Auura (extra u's cuz they be British) performed there, I believe.

I am quite familliar actually. I met Peter Stringfellow randomly at a party about a year ago and he's actually a rather nice man, if a bit eccentric.

But what strip club magnate wouldn't be?

Friggin JetMan dude canceled his flight. His middle name must by "Lackey."

That blows. I wanted to see him pile drive himself into the side of the canyon.

Oh well. There's always beer cart.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have 12 or 14 fun topics to yak about on Monday.

I have never been a Lackey supporter. Remember what a jackass he used to be on the Angels? I had anti-Lackey signs, and now I'm supposed to humor him while he sorts out his issues on MY team?
I would trade him for anyone.
Maybe even Lugo.

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