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Taking Advantage

Don't look now, but somebody has managed to scratch their way to 2 games above .500 and is on a 5 game win streak.


Seriously. I looked at the standings this morning and got that tingly feeling like I was Schwarzenegger alone in a room with a membah of my house staff.


Oh, that's nothing. I saw the .524 combined with Buch's line and I felt like DSK after 2 flaming Pernods and a Viagra.


Yeah, first he stahts hitting and the next thing you know he's throwing runnahs out.


Ah, dude, let's not get all carried away and shit...



"Membah" and "stahf" are certainly words well chosen.

Nice win for sure, but 127 pitches for Buck is a bit worrisome. Especially with 2/5 of the rotation out. If bad things come in 3s, I hope number 3 involves Lackey again.

I wonder if Arnold got a staff infection from his housekeeper.

Or if she was a member of his staph.

Hey, and how 'bout that Buckholtz? Quite a performance in pretty nasty conditions.

Nasty wasn't even the word for it. It was oppressively miserable at the ballpark last night. Anything you saw on TV just couldn't do it justice. My camera couldn't pick up the fog/mist the way the eye would. It was like playing baseball in a cloud...because they were.

The only good part of the night was the rain delay that cleared out the place so that I could move to the box seats behind the Sox on-deck circle for the rest of the game and get to see Salty smack that wall ball up close and personal.

Sorry it was so miserable at the park, Kaz, because it was utterly cool to watch on TV. Looked like a soap opera dream sequence...

Does anyone have tickets for Saturday they want to give up on the off chance that they will be raptured?

Nice Playoff beard btw Kaz ;)

Thanks, HR. I try.

An alternative to the Real Doll:


Great strip today, hb

My Ozzie friends (in boston for 3-4 days)have tickets for tonight's game but they texted to say its pouring - what do you locals think? Will there be a game?

Well, it's supposed to stop raining from about 7:00 - 11:00 tonight. So unless the field gets too saturated over the next couple of hours, there's a decent chance.

Ta Bob.

Even though I don't have to work tomorrow it still kills to stay up til 3 in the morning to watch a game...

I sorta miss living on the west coast and envy sdu and those of you in 'real time'.


My friends are very happy campers and they are eating at O Ya tomorrow night. Those lucky, lucky bastards...

I'm going to discreetly place a platter at their feet to catch the crumbs.

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