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Putting the "Ace" in Aceves?

Hello, Pedro?


You know, with the way this season stahted, the news that 2/5ths of our stahting rotation is on the DL just leaves me with a case of the "yeah? whatevs."


So I guess this is what we get for imagining being rid of Lackey and Dice-K... the ol' "be careful what you wish for."


Problem with that adage is that neuroscience researchers now believe we are hard wired for optimism and that we find ways to rationalize any decision we make as the "right" decision aftah the fact.


Absolutely. And this is why I have no qualms, I mean I'm totally friggin devoid of qualm, when I wish for the perfection of the Japanese sexbot even though it could very well bring with it the complete collapse of humanity as we know it.


There you go, right there.



Hard-wired for optimism? I must have gotten this guy when they did my wiring.


Another rainout for tonight? I hope so, I'm tired of sitting in dreary weather at Fenway this year already...

So now it's 'Lest. and Beck. or Beck. and Lest. and then we pray for three days rest.

It would be nice to see Tim Thomas play a game where he does not give up a soft goal.

Did anyone see the game, perhaps it was last week, where Aceves came in to relieve another pitcher, (who relieved Lester I think)? Aceves had literally a fountain of sweat pouring off his hat every time he looked toward the ground - anyone see that? I mean it was Youk sweat x10. I was saying to my wife at the time, my god, is this guy juicing big time (ala sweat king Jason Giambi) or is he running like a 103-degree fever?

True, yazbread. But he did stop four breakaways, so it kind of evens out.

Dave McCarty appears to be available.

was never a big Timmah fan until he stopped the breakaway and Prince Charming sniped one over Gump Worsley's glove.....that was the game/series right there.

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