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Hitting the reset button

I can't think of a bettah way to return to .500 then by sweeping the Yankees at the House that Ruth Taxpayers Built.


First sweep of New York in New York since 2004.


2004? Hmmm... there's something about that year that rings a bell... wait, wait, don't tell me... I'll think of it...


I know it's only .500, but I tell you this morning I'm happiah than a Jihadist with a new porn stash.


So now that we're at 20/20 anyone have any vision into the future?


Well, it's like this —

First 12 games; 2-10 (.167)
Last 26 games: 18-10 (.643)


If we toss away the first 12 at outliahs and look at the .643 pace as the norm from here on out, that's 98 wins right there.


So what's that? 44 available to lose over the next 20 weeks or so?


Losing 2 a week seems pretty friggin reasonable.


Yeah, until you remembah that Lackey is good for one of those available 2 losses and he pitches every 5th day.


Lestah and Buck, Beckett and Dice... pray to Christ that'll suffice.



If there is anything that can make a Monday morning more palatable, it's a weekend sweep of the Skanks.

//I'm happiah than a Jihadist with a new porn stash.//

I can't remember if it was the Daily News or the Post, but one had the front page headline: Osama bin wanking.

Lester and Beckett, Dice and Clay, then pray to Christ for an off day.

"Mr.Posada,your seat is ready"

I just watched the Space Shuttle Endeavour launch online with about 5 people in my office. Most people probably didn't even know that happened today. Science is awesome as it lumbers on in silence.

I wonder if the first 12 games have masked us sufficiently to keep lumbering on in silent awesomeness. Look at the NY media. They're so wrapped up in Posada and Cashman and their own crappy rotation that I think they've missed the big picture on how well the Red Sox have been doing for the past month. Add the Bruins still rolling and the Celtics crapping out and even the Boston sports world seems pre-occupied enough to just let the Sox keep going on a tear in peace.

At least the rest of the East seems patient enough to wait for us to pass them all up.

Eight game home stand that opens with Los Birdos. Sisyphus has left the house.

What a good morning. The sun, he do shine so brightly sometimes, don't he?

Don't look now,but Los Birdos just beat Tampa Bay 9-3. I'm just sayin'


If you were into the Endeavor launch, you would have loved a PBS show I watched last night about the Apollo program. Excellent !!! I remember in elementary school, they'd wheel a TV into the classroom to watch the launches. Now we take it for granted.

Oh, and except for last night, is Gonzo on a tear or what. Papi's having a pretty good year so far, which has to bode well for this summer. He's hitting .295 and his power numbers are pretty decent. It's surprising that Youk and Pedey are still batting in the mid-.240s.

Beckett and Dice-K, Lester and Buck

Had all better come through, cuz Lackey's the suck

Dice-K and Beckett, Buckholz and Lester...
And one pus-y sore that continues to fester.

It is a dilemma that pussy and pussy are spelled the same, isn't it?

Pseudo, I probably should have left it as pussy.

Youk and Pedey will be fine. Wish I could say the same for Lackey. Really have no clue about him.

Larry, I was the A/V nerd in elementary/middle school. Remember wheeling in the B/W TV to watch the Apollo launches vividly.

The Apollo program was worthy of our attention. The Space Shuttle... not so much.

I mean one was all about "to boldly go" the other is basically the space equivalent of a delivery truck. Not especially inspiring.

Lackey can't pitch to save his life,
Oh wait, remember, he has a sick wife.

Public TV had another moonshot show on last night. I watched between innings & got hooked. Amazing men got into tunafish cans, sat top atomic bombs that hurled them a quarter million miles into nothingness and back again with unbelievable precision. More computing power in your ESC key than in the whole of Mission Control. A guy named "Buzz" does slide rule calcs to help pilot a big wad of aluminum foil to the lunar surface. I loved Mercury-Gemini-Apollo as a kid, and I love it still. The Shuttle launches, especially at night were spectacular. Yes, science lab...meh. Let's land a Real Doll on Mars before the end of the dickade.

Ummm moon landings were faked btw. Nice weekend for baseball for a change. Let's hope they can keep it up.

Jon Lester: "I just want to say, the Yankees are my daddy.... Just kidding, but my dad DID go to school with Jeter and Posada."

BTW, I don't know if this was mentioned at all on the FOX and ESPN broadcasts, but apparently there was some sort of controversary this weekend involving Jar-Jar Binks...

The chinless one? I cant wait for same controversy to ensue when Cheter gets dropped in the lineup. I do believe Girardi is the kind of manager that will have no problem doing it. Schedenfreude indeed.

As to game last night, i thought i was going to have to apologize here today... I turned it on in 2nd to watch bases loaded 0 outs turn into 1 stinkin run and then Lester cough it right back up, then 2 more... I thought it was me. Then someone wafted some .500 pie in the boys noses and they found they was hongray.


Just sayin'

I am so angry about having to pay for both Citi Field and That Stadium in the Bronx that I would quit my god awful job and move to Taxachusetts! I NEVER type the name of That American League Team in New York City's Bronx Boro. EVER. Pay me and I will think about it.

Cool shot of the shuttle launch by a woman in a plane:



I love Gonzo.

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