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Getting there

Hey, I know I'm going out on a limb here, but I think the Red Sox offense might be stahting to come around...


Oh, c'mon guy, a truly great team would have scored twenty runs. Heh.


So is it calm, content, and peace we find?*


Oh, absolutely...


I mean I'm as contented as a gender-confused 10 year old being told by my teacher to self-identify with a clownfish as a way to, you know, feel bettah about myself and shit.



I thought Dory was the trans-gender one ;D

They should have used the Jamie Lee Curfish as an example.

Hah. Hilarious.
And happy.
You know.
Like last night's game.

Off topic, but what is the deal with Tim Thomas giving up yet another goal in the first minute of the game?

It's not just the first minute of a game, it is the first and last minute of each period. The whole team just seems to lose focus. Maybe they should put the fourth line or five defensemen on the ice for the first and last shift of each period (unless we are down in the third).

I didn't see what the asterisk was pointing toward in the third panel, so I'll mention William Cowper, 1731-1800:

Fierce passions discompose the mind,
As tempests vex the sea,
But calm, content and peace we find,
When, Lord, we turn to Thee.

My guess what's going to happen next: somebody's going to point out that the reference is RIGHT THERE, and my attempt at erudition will once again make me look like an a-hole....

Well, if anyone knows a good place in Baltimore or DC or points in between for me to watch the Bruins game tomorrow night, let me know.

I'll be headed for a small vacation to hang out with the family.

I dunno about clown fish but I've got a male molly in my tank that'll hump the plants when the ladies won't give him any loving.

And, two reasonably timed day games in a row (for me)? What is this, some sort of conspiracy?

Ah pseudo, I remember the excitement I felt whenever I'd actually be able to watch a game live. One of my fondest London memories is catching a May 4:05 (9:05 GMT) game at a bar in Picadilly Circus with a bunch of Sox fans from around the globe (American ex-Pats, some random Aussies- sdu's compatriots, clearly- and some forward-thinking Brits). Enjoy! I am again "working" from home and will have the game on for sure. Makes a random Thurs afternoon far more enjoyable. Now, which client do I bill those "work" hours to? ;)

B's better shore up both power play & penalty kill quickly if they want to move on. meanwhile, let's hope we have an afternoon of baseball as enjoyable as yesterday was.

Kaz, Murphy's in Alexandria, Va. -- six miles from downtown DC is a great place to watch Bruins (or Sox, Pats or Celtics).

@Natalie, there are actually a surprising amount of pubs that will put a game on for you if you ask (and they have the ability to). My local is among them.

@Kaz, Kellys Irish Times near Capitol Hill, just off Massachusetts ave. Haven't been there in a couple years but they've got cold beer and decent food & it was a favourite of mine in my college days.

Have MLB mini-Gameday gadget on my screen at work...I think the boys may be getting hot! 5 runs in the top of the 2nd

Themotherfuckingredsox are hittin' baby! Hittin'!

I'll keep both of those in mind for tomorrow, thanks. Not sure if the fam has anything planned yet...but I know I'll be in front of a TV at 8 one way or another.

@Kaz - Bugsy's in Alexandria is also a great hockey bar, owned by former NHLer Brian Watson. You can't go wrong with Murphy's, either, though I prefer the food and atmosphere at Bugsy's.

I think it's now safe to say that Crawford's got his groove back.

Crawford can finally relax now that's he's sent that rare stamp through the mail.

Mercy rule, we win.

@;az - pdeudo's right. Kelly's is da bomb. Watched a Sox game there lat year on vacation with Mrs. Rob et fils. Great food, cold drinks.


Sawx: 2 td's
Pesky Redskins: safety

Sawx: 2 td's
Les Tigres: un rouge

We may now view the failure of the world to end last Saturday with a modicum of

@Kaz, sorry for replying so late; interwebs have been down all day. Anyway, I recommend Murphy's in Old Towne Alexandria as well. Good food and drink to go with the game. However if you are just looking for a nearby place to view without the ambiance of a lot of fellow B's fans, any Buffalo Wild Wings will have the game on. There's one on Crystal Drive in Arlington, (about two blocks from the Crystal City Metro Station) and probably a few others thoughout the area.

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