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And you don't stop, sure shot

Well, Crawford picked an opportune time to return from the abyss.


Hell, yeah, he did. What with the imminent Rapture and all...


I mean how are you supposed to convince Jesus to not make you one of the "Left Behind" when you're batting below the Mendoza Line?


Meanwhile, make way for Cubbies.


And, thankfully, we have Shaughnessy there to remind us that this series is, wait for it...

*** HISTORIC! ***


You know and people have the audacity to say that newspapers are losing relevance.


Where the fuck are we gonna learn this stuff without the never ending toiling and commitment to historicity that guys like the CHB bring to the table?


Seriously. I mean it's not like we live in world where everything is hyperlinked and cross-linked and dispersed in some sort of futuristic "info web" where, god like, we can summon facts and porn with a few quick keystrokes.


But, hey, you know at least we *do* live in a world where Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are declared "powerful."


And to think Lou Gehrig thought he was the luckiest man on the face of Earth.


Poor bastard just had no idea what he'd be missing.



I hope all you soxaholix have made plans for your pets in case you accidentally get raptured:


I'd offer to take in any Soxaholix pets left behind in the rapture tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure all you creepy peeps are getting left behind just like me.

Screw the rapture, I am waiting for that yellow ball in the sky to appear as we in western Mass have not seen it for going on...40 days!!! Holy Crap! I knew I should have paid more attention in Fr. Hamilton's Old Testament class...and all my spring vegetable garden was looking so good.

Nat, you make it sound like it's a bad thing ;-)

Oh not at all, buck. I am anticipating a seriously cool block party of sinners on Broadway Sat night. Got my teal dress and dancing shoes all ready...

I suppose Lady Gaga is powerful in certain ways. I mean, besides her music and fashion influence, she's the creative director of Polaroid.

But Beiber? My idea of hell is being "left behind" after the rapture and finding out he's the only entertainer left on earth.

Post-rapture looting begins at noon. See you all at Best Buy.

"Screw the rapture..."

I like the cut of your jib, sailor.

As a recovering Catholic I try to live by Mark Twain's quote:

"heaven for climate, hell for company"

Quite the guest list, eh?

I was joking yesterday about bad things happening in 3s and our starting rotation and then Beckett goes out with a neck spasm? Sure hope it is nothing serious, the Sox don't want to lose him for sure. Of course with the rapture and all, I guess it really doesn't matter...

When I was a child I had to go to the library to look up facts in encyclopedias. Now I carry the world on my belt.

When I think of Rapture, two things come to mind. The Blondie song from the 1980s and the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz when he got his heart (he responded by saying "Oh, joy. Oh, rapture.")

The world can't end tomorrow, because the Mayan calendar has the End of Days as 12/31/2012. So they must have been able to see into the future and know that the world existed for another 19 months or so beyond tomorrow. Therefore, we will be assured of the ability for the Bruins and Sox to have time enough for one more championship before we check out.

When I was teenager, hiding a porn stash took ingenuity and daring. Nowadays, it takes three clicks of a mouse. Not that I would ever, you know, do that sort of thing...

Rapture? I am looking for the over/under on cult suicide numbers.

The Mayans parctices human sacrifice - I think they're on the 'left behind' list.

Sorry to inform you all, but The Rapture happened today @10:40 am.

My flight home left without me, so I, like all of you, was "left behind".


Bye-bye Oki-san, and thanks for the 2007 ring. Hello, Franklin Morales. Show us what you got!

So Bob, of a like mind, if the Biebster was what was left behind with me, AND if there was any hope of Rapture- the sequel, after I strangled the little shit to death I would not be allowed in the ticket line and would in fact be permanently left behind... Presumably with all of you fine people who are far more interesting than the finest people on the world.

And speaking of people who might get left behind, I think Paps is one. Did you see him going all batshit crazy on Carl Crawfish after the game winner? Its a wonder the ol' Carl didnt run away scared.

Blondie,my left behind-You all know how I feel...REM all the way(and I feel fine)

Probably just condemned myself...Oh well ;D

A little story for those not already off to beer cart:

Mmmm, thought the speeding little black hole, as he digested “O’ Holy Night”. That was a tasty bit of electro-magnetism. I don’t recall any of that being here the last time I was around. I wonder, what could have caused the amplitude modulation? And because he knew nothing but mathematics and hunger, he wanted more, much more.
A bit later he came across a more complex bit of EM, and would have smacked his lips, if he had any, as “The Queen’s Messenger” sped down his gullet.
After that,the little black hole sped along its predestined course, gobbling up increasingly more interesting bits of EM as he went.
Oh, and what is this? Frequency modulation as well! How delicious, he thought as he slurped down Duke Ellington’s “Caravan.” By now the space around him was filled with interesting EM, and the little black hole seemed to be heading right to the source of all this wonderful sustenance. Joy!
Curioser and curiouser, thought the little black hole as he gobbled up a GPS signal. It’s like a bright red arrow saying Eat Here! Don’t you fret, I’m on my way!
Digital! This is starting to look organized, but it doesn’t make any sense at all, he thought, as The Jersey Shore slipped into his belly.
May 2011
Ahhh, he thought. Solid food at last! I remember these bits of dust the last time I came around this place. It had been many millennia since he had eaten something solid, and he remembered well the tug of some truly big prey the last time he sped through this gravity well. Maybe this time I’ll catch something.
May 21, 2011
Gotcha! thought the speeding little black hole as he blasted into the source of all that tasty EM. Rapture!
The speeding little black hole slowed himself as much as could, and gorged at the buffet as long as he could, but eventually he popped out the side, bigger and heavier than he entered, but also moving in another direction. Strangely, as he moved away from the large mass there was far less tasty EM hanging around than when he entered. But there was another food source somewhere nearby, pumping out tasty little neutrinos and lots of light.
December 21, 2011
The speeding little black hole was too busy gorging himself on solar radiation to notice he wasn’t spinning around the dimple in space-time as he had many, many times before. When he realized he was headed straight into the well, he only had time to think one thought: Apocalypse!

Just ran out for a cup of coffee and it was surprisingly cool to see Cubs fans walking around.

Time for possibly the last beer cart.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully those of us left behind will have something fun to yak about on Monday.

If this rapture things is for reals - I guess we can say goodbye to J.D. Drew.

RIP Randy "Macho Man" Savage-He beat the end of the world by one day ;D


Aw, come on, Macho Man!! You just GOTTA jump up outta your coffin and snap into a Slim Jim! You just GOTTA!!!! *sobs*

What time is it in Sydney again???

Harwich - it is 5.54AM on Saturday 21 May 2011. I haven't been folling this rapture thing but does this means I'm supposed to be dead? Sorry to disappoint but I'm drinking coffee, the almost 8 year old 'sox and bruin's fan is sleeping, mrs sdu is staggering about and the labrador is eating (no surpriseses there):
(thanks to Natalie)

And my friends are off to O Ya tonight so the world could not possible end. They enjoyed last night's walk off win very much and LOVED Fenway Park. Converted, they say.


I guess this means we can all relax :)

No offence intended,Peter

Very creative Blondie reference h.b...

sdu, I have watched that dog video like 15x and I still laugh out loud. Mostly because I swear I have had the exact conversation with Tess many times...

The Thrashers are moving up to Winnipeg. Can we get another team below the Mason/Dixon line to migrate back to Hartford?

Anyone home? I can't find my wife.

Found a pile of clothes with some vapor coming out of the shoes. Coincidence, right?

hello? hello? We do still have Bard and Papelbon don't we? They are on the pay roll aren't they? Francona managed the 8th like the end of the world made all decision making superfluous. hello?

Folks around here are making Rapture jokes like there's no tomorrow!

Come on now...Salty YUM! Did we ever doubt?

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