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A general numbness...

To whomevah was up until 2:45am to see that train wreck in it's entirety, I salute you. You are bettah than me.


I couldn't do it, but my Real Doll, Romana, was wide awake for the whole thing.


She's unbreakable.


Yeah, but this morning she looked like hell. I mean glazed expression, slack jaw, just totally fucking nahcohypniaptic...


Is is any wondah? 13 innings, 14 pitchers and 445 pitches combined, 20 Sox l.o.b., Matsuzaka used in relief, baserunning gaffes...


Christ, do these guys have any idea the toll this takes on our loved ones watching at home?


Damn you, Red Sox, you're ruinin' my Real Doll!



Poor Ramona has that loss burned into her memory foam.

At least she's not Bob-o-pedic ;O


Not to quibble but it's Romana, not Ramona.

Think Eastern European with some Gypsy blood...

I think she works at Daisy Buchanans on Newbury, h.b. I did shots with her last Summer, and suddenly was out $140. Gypsy blood, indeed.

Great strip. So forgive me for changing subjects for a moment. I was up that late, but way more productive down here in New Orleans for Jazzfest. The Pimps of Joytime were hitting on all of the cylinders that the Redsox were not at those hours.

And I come across a billboard and t shirts that ad for the Hornets... New Orleans Hornets - "I'm In"

Their ad man apparently went to the same seminar last fall that the sox ad man went to.. "Whatever you do, make sure the fans are "In". Fans like to be "in". That marketing campaign is even shittier now than I thought it was. Does this mean, i will now be jumping for excitement for my team becuase I have a hornet in my socks?

Ok, thanks for your time. Back to your regularly scheduled creepy realdoll pimpin n flirtin snark.

Ah, Romana. Very eastern European indeed. In fact, each hair in her lifelike armpit is individually implanted by hand.

Not just the armpits, Bob.

Leg hair too? Nice


She's European. And gypsy.

Oh hell ya! That means some sweet back hair!

In Romania, OB/GYNs also have to be licensed beauticians.

"Yeah, but this morning he looked like hell. I mean glazed expression, slack jaw, just totally fucking nahcohypniaptic... "

Yes I do, how did you know?? But it was a hell of a Bruins game and the Suite seats were sweet!

You think I'd have reached an age where getting this screwed up on a Wednesday night is a thing of my past. Now I have to give a presentation in half an hour with a good hangover still working through me...ugh.


Sweet. Sounds like you had a fine time. B's are getting it done... so far.


I thought "I'm in" was the ad campaign for Real Dolls. I have to think that the evolutionary path will go from Real Dolls to replicants. So I will save my pennies for Pris.

HR, I'm not sure if Berocca would have worked this morning. The hardest part was convincing my stomach it didn't have anything in it worth throwing up so it would stop doing Ozzie Smith flips through my insides.

Fortunately, like a team battling back from a horrendous April, I was able to pull out of the nose dive enough by showtime that I presented my proposal LIKE A BOSS. Of course, all that means is that they're going to let me do the work I proposed ... so I ultimately only worked through the hangover in order to ask them to whip me harder for the next few weeks until the work proposed today is completed and implemented.

I swear, trying to get ahead in the working world is purely masochistic.

I'm not celebrating yet about the Bs, even though the last two games were pissah. I'm being silly, of course. Hell, what could go wrong in a series in which we're up 3-0 against the Flyers?

evidently 9 real dolls replaced our normal starting line up today. Not much action...just kind of sitting there and taking it...fast and hard.

Fuckin' Lackey...right back to stinking out the joint...

So I was all chipper waking up to the usual talk of glazed eyed real dolls. Then I read sonoma's comment and checked the score. Ug. Back in last place.

Did I say this before? This team is DEAD to me!
My girlfriend would laugh at the carnage of the last two games. I gotta dump her. Or, will I send her to the next Lackey start...

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