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1 day hiatus

Your omniscient author in absentia:
At the day job, we are on a 10 day sprint cycle, with the 11th day being planning for the next 10 days... today is just such a planning day which pretty much takes out all my free Soxaholix time... So no strip today.

But I will say this –

That save Thomas made against Downie last night in the 3rd was one of the greatest things I've seen in a long, long time.



Me too ;)))

Well that and Kaz's playoff beard ;)

I take full responsibility for the Sox loss. I was jumping back and forth between Versus and Gameday. At some point in the B's game, I said 'Lord, if I only can have one win tonight, let it be on the ice'. Sox promptly gave up two. Who said he doesn't listen?

yazbread, you should have said, "Let it be by a great save."

Then we could have won both games.

Two Timmies. Two wins. Two days.

We need more Timmies!

Last night hurt. I wonder if Clay and Bard are friends today...
But hey, look at how well we taught Masterson...

Indians look like the real deal. Defense won that game for them as much as our crappy bench lost it for us.

1st B's game I have watched in a looonng time. Very excited fun game. That save was sick!

So HB, are you feeling Agile today?

tough call bringing in Bard after he threw over an inning the night before.

I'm not even a Bruins fan but have to admit that was one of the best saves I've ever seen. The shooter should be ashamed of himself for not elevating the shot, though.

Yazbread, I made the same deal with the Sports Gods, so it's on both of us. In an interview with Thomas after the game, he stated that the stick save was luck more than anything. But it WAS pretty awesome just the same.

So now this year, Paps is back to form and Bard is underperforming. I wonder if we'll ever have both at top form at the same time.

As a goalie, I know damn well exactly what Timmeh said after the game was the truth. He had no idea where the initial shot went. When he caught up with it halfway to the crease, he was out of position to make a controlled save on the rebound put-back by Downie, so he had to jump/sprawl and throw his stick out there as a last resort and he connected with the puck and knocked it past the post. It was more luck than skill and he acknowledged it.

The fan in me flipped out watching that stop. It was sickness. Save of the season (so far). I love watching him do what it takes in net when his defense isn't failing him or his offense turning over pucks on the blue line.

I haven't seen stats on how often the offense turns over pucks in the neutral zone, but since they do it at least twice on every power play, they must be averaging more than once a minute. Without Tim Thomas in goal, this team wouldn't be here.


Very Agile with a bit of Kanban. Actually I do love Agile at heart, though it can get corrupted pretty easily.

Are you sure its not a scrum? or are you sprinting over a waterfall to escape those with a manifesto. All this was to say is I feel your pain.

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