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You've got to throw the ball over the damn plate

So when Gina Panalphabetis says that what really attracted her to Tek was that he "opened up," what she really means is once she got a look at the Quadzilla she released her inner slutopoulous.


Mee-oow. Cat fight.


No, no, I mean that in a good way... But c'mon, take off the pink hat, Gina Tingapolous, already and drop the "Ooh I'm looking for a sensitive, open, emotive man" bullshit.


Because last time I checked, whiny, apologizing, coddling mama's boy betas aren't in short supply.


Christ I wish Shaughnessy were around just now so he could tell us what the frig Earl Weavah would think about this.


I don't know about Earl Weavah but the nascent sabermetrician in me says look at the data...


And the numbahs suggest that not many women are fantasizing about "normal" men "who love to talk" and "open up their closets."


Jeez, and I thought batting average was overrated.


Quadzilla 1, Temerity 0.



Man, the things you can get paid to research...

I endorse every word out of Circle's mouth. Awesome strip.

And in other, dinosaur-related news:


Also, h.b., you've done it again. Great strip. I can't imagine I would ever have read an article about Varitek's love life on my own.

Sorry to go old school puritanical here, but methinks the Captain brought most of his problems on himself. Counseling? Oh please. The good lord helps them that helps themselves. Marriage? Sounds like Tek can't figure out how to do the kid's laundry. Well at least she isn't a pole dancer.

As to that fascinating research you linked to, I wonder whether the prevalence of rape/control fantasies is actually growing as women gain more social, cultural and earning power. My fave gender philosopher Camille Paglia would have some interesting theories...

Two words:

Nick Swisher

Why is it on what should be a joyous occasion there is always that one individual who looks for the negative? Such a cynic. If Tek wants to marry Annie Savoyalopoulos, who are we to argue?

Lc - nice. That is my kind of comment:)

As to the redsox, they have one more game of extended spring training for the team, then the season begins! Maybe they will show up ready to play this time.

I thought Tek was tapping Heidi Watney. Sorry, I mean "opening up his closet" for Heidi. That must have been a while ago, if it's even true. Between Heidi and the lovely Ms. Tappen, who needs naughty websites when you have NESN.

The thing that struck me when reading the tek article (and don't get me wrong. I respect Tek a lot) was, ahem, he's not the only guy to go through an unpleasant divorce, have a sick parent and break a bone. All those have happened to me and nobody's patting me on the back for my ability to deal with it. I guess the difference was that my broken bone didn't hamper my ability to work at a job paying $2 million/year.

Always have enjoyed Camille P's stuff.

I disagree with so much of this crap...
1) Tek was washed up when the Sox resigned him in 2005. His best year was 2004. I loved him that year. That love died off in 2005 when Boras shopped him for a bazillion.. I loved him again when he essentially told Boras where to stuff the money and re-signed with the team he wanted to be with in the first place... why the drama? cause both Boras & Tek knew his best years were behind him... and he STILL hadn't hit 40% throwout rate... damn, in 2004, if I remember right, Piazza had a better % of pickoffs.
2) Who cares about Tek's feelings?
3) Who cares who he's with/divorcedfrom/ect.?
4) he's going to be a GREAT pitching coach. Is there any doubt? So offer him the position.. and have him WORK with the catcher you intend to replace him wiht and the pitching staff to get that intangible that they don't have right now... Beckett works better with Tek... no kidding? why???? figure it out and get the Captain to get everyone on the RIGHT page... then offer him the pitching coach job because ours sucks. 0-10? pitching.

now, enough of the soap opera... back to baseball!

//Well at least she isn't a pole dancer.//

Well, for Tek's sake, I hope she dances on his pole once in awhile.

In meeting hell. Someone please save me. There are too many people who "love to talk" inside a very small, very hot, very boring conference room.

Meetings...the unproductive alternative to work. I feel your pain Bob.

Gland to hear that I am not the only one who gets stuck in a room full of people who used to be the kid in the front of the room who answered the question before the nun asked it?

great west coast trip. good thing we didnt have to face "spicoli" in anaheim. dude is like totally epic brah!

I'm fascinated by Follower of Tito's comment that his 'gland' can hear.

Anybody else got a cool gland parlor trick?

I always love the part in The Ten Commandments where Chuck Heston say "Behold His mighty Gland" ;D

You know there's only once cure for a Mighty Gland... a Burning Bush.


Until the burning bush comment this was the previous best line of the year: "CHRIST I WISH SHAUGHNESSY WERE AROUND JUST NOW SO HE COULD TELL US WHAT THE FRIG EARL WEAVAH WOULD THINK ABOUT THIS." On Sunday, he wrote about how the curse is still going strong after 95 years due to some half-baked, off-hand, unconfirmed former Cubbie's comment unearthed in a Chicago library. I know Danny Downer's got books to sell, but the Sox were in the midst of sweeping the Halos! Isn't it time to move on now from the curse? Sheesh.

Not while there are gullible people and money to be made,Roscoe

Good one, Rich. And, um, Yazbread, what's wrong with pole dancers again?

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