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Shuffle on, Tito, shuffle on...

Christ I dunno what it is about playing in Oakland, but even the day games leave me beat.


For me it's the pollen. I feel about as alert as an air traffic controllah on the night shift.


So as Shaughnessy magnanimously points out this morning, the Sox are not going to go 0-81 on the road this year.


And he works in anothah Wally Pipp reference.


Not to mention refs to Tom Yawkey, Rollie Fingahs, and Clemens' Ninja shoelaces. The Shank is on fiah ovah heah.


But the CHB ain't too happy with the lineup shuffling or the catching situation... not too happy at all.


Of course, if Shaughnessy opines on something, I'm suddenly convinced that whatevah he thinks is bad is actually good.


Whoa! Hold on a minute. Are you suggesting that the CHB is, uh, oracularly challenged?


Well, let's put it this way. Shaughnessy is to baseball, what Tom Friedman is to business with respect to predictions and advice.



CHB can eat a BOD.

CHB can eat a BOD.

So you're saying my Lyle Bowlin stock is worthless???

I "journalists" go, I think CHB is most like Jeanne Dixon. They're both right occasionally, although their accuracy comes from pure coincidence rather than insight.

*** Scheduling Notice ***

I'll be taking off for Easter, so no strip Friday or Monday.

Oh, and to make the comparison even more compelling, Jeanne Dixon is dead.


that's what Jesus did, too


I thumbed through my 'Red Sox Team Catalog' over breakfast. I was unaware that you could buy a yarmulke with the 'B' on it. Oy.

Easter, Jesus, Yarmulkes. Soxaholix is going all religiosity !!!

Jeanne Dixon dead?

Wow, who saw that coming?


Actually, I worked on the same floor as had her office in 1976-78 (look it up). I used to see her all the time, and she looked ghostly back then.


I actually know somebody that has one of those yarmulkes.

As for the CHB, back at my ancestral home in South Kackalackey, the expression is: "Even a blind hog finds a root ever now and then"

That's a great swear, LarryE.

Dice-K walks another batter:

"Jesus Easter Yarmulke!"

T-shirt maybe?

If Jesus died for my sins, he didn't do a very good job of it.

If Dice-K is buddhist (?), will Jesus really be any help there?

Or the jewish greek god Youks? Will Jesus help there? Or will Youks save Dice-k? Im getting confused now.

lc, I believe a pale Jeanie Dixon sunset may be in order.

I thought Jesus was that guy that used to play center...

No, that was Judas. Easy mistake.

"I think there's a world demand for about five computers."

Thomas Watson, Chairman of IBM - 1958

Apparently, Chairman Watson wouldn't have been much of a Soxaholix fan. CHB probably claims to have known him personally.

Nice win last night (although I didn't actually see the "win" part; damn extra inning west coast games). Solid pitching, clutch hit, the kind of thing we expected all along.

Saw the whole damn thing. Just got up.

Some interesting umpiring.

Interesting umpiring? Do tell, for those of us who chose sleep.

More interesting than the phantom balk and the phantom caught stealing call?

I found this to be kind of funny. From the Onion: http://www.onionsportsnetwork.com/articles/david-ortiz-terrified-after-hearing-about-red-sox,20171/

Well, floating strike zone. Pedey comes off the base on a steal of second while the ball is still applied to his back, but is not called out. Pedey caught off third in a rundown and returns to third by way of the parking lot, but is still not called out. Stuff like that. Solid entertainment value.

Being at the OAK/phantom balk and steal game and watching last night - think the phantom umping in Oak was more bizarre - probably because we lost.

Certainly helps that Pedey is barely 3 ft tall. Hard to actually run out of the base path when you're that short.

But the A-Gon and Pedey base running follies were way too spring training antics.

Is Salty on the trading block yet? two wins w/ Tek...hitting .041.

I'm going to personally start an early beer cart today.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

We no longer have the worst recod in baseball. Next milestone - no long having the worst record in the AL East.

I have a friend who breaks up every potential no hitter by sending me a text. Yesterday he tried to be real subtle, didn't mention the no hitter; just said nothing special about the game YET: 45 seconds later they got that soft bounding infield single. I laughed.

hellooo third place, you never looked so good.

Was that a gyroball I saw last night??

Looks like the National Treasure is back- we might need to start haikus again

The soft bounding single wasn't that soft. It almost tore DM's face off. Happy Easter.


The 'soft bounding single' - happened in the Beckett game lc. You can look it up!!

Or, in haiuku/savant form:

The soft bounding single
Happened in the Beckett game:
You can look it up!

Set 'em out, ride 'em in. Ride 'em in, let ' em out, Cut 'em out, ride 'em in Rawhide.

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