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In this Oakland village...



Well that was a wasted effort by Lackey.


Oki not so doki.


In this Oakland village
Shining my cereal bowl
Must be mourning.


And you know what? I'm not one for the nanny statism, but I think the First Lady is on to something when she says to avoid a Salty lifestyle.


Hey, you know, at *least* they having a winning record at home.


Yeah, well, so does BigBri.



Heh. I bet even BigBri himself blew Twinkies and Skittles through his nose at that one.

That was a flail-a-thon last night. Our at bats looked like kids with butterfly nets.

Okajima didn't help, but if it's 1-0 in the 8th, we're not exactly tearing it up on offense.

Remember, Oki didn't lose the game, Lackey did. That wasn't Lackey's fault either, but it certainly wasn't Oki's.

I was really hoping the reason we couldn't win in Oakland was Curt Young. Guess not...

Kaz, so true. But sometimes its just feels right to beat shit out of Oki in effigy.

And Doug threw a fucking bone to witchy poo FLOTUS so you got that. Heh.

...and it IS 4-20


which reminds me,

Happy Birthday,,

George Takei

my blame goes on the four eyed dumb asses in blue. The pedey steal was on a balk and have know idea what the 2B ump was doing when JE stole 2d.

But, HW looks great from 5 rows back. Probably the most exciting thing last night was watching her put on her jacket and fluff her hair. She should wear teal though.

Sox always suck on west coast road trips, and they always seem to happen right when they're getting little momentum going.

also, RIP Sarah Jane

I second the Sarah Jane sentiments. She was one of the great Companions.

The Tardis will be leaving momentarily

Coco Crispy gets the first run again (HR). Let's hope it's not a winning run this time.

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