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Holy Monday

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Hope you had a pleasant Easter. A certain team we know seems to be doing OK (I will say no more for reasons that I will say nothing about.)

Back to a normal schedule tomorrow (Tuesday, 4/26).



Now that is a West Coast trip! 4 game sweep of the Angels featuring oustanding starting pitching in each game, including back-to-back 8 innings of shutour ball from Dice-K and Lackey?! Way to get back into this thing boys! Combine that with a sweet Bruins 2OT victory and the Celtics completing the sweep of the Knicks and it was certainly an Easter weekend to remember!!

The legend of The Rainout has begun:


Talk about a resurrection.

And that Resurrection was followed by what today would be called a 40-day win streak.

trying to think of a Pentacost joke.



Dice-K with back-to-back 1-hit outings? That's some SERIOUS resurrection. And a reeling Baltimore up next. We better not let up against them.

Bob, nice post about the legend of the rainout. The Globe had a story today about how Lackey was ticked off that Tito skipped his start the day of the rainout:
And being ticked off helped Lackey focus in his next two starts when he gave up one run over 14 innings.

8 victories in 9 games, AND I had to turn the air on in my apartment yesterday? Ladies and gents, I think spring has finally arrived...and it is good.

I'm sprung from this weekend whether Spring has or not.

And of course, as you all know, the Maggies have started 5:0


A great weekend for Boston sports.

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