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Whew about to slip down

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Next week I'm on vacation, so you know how that goes – cramming 2 weeks work into one at the day job.

Combined with not a lot of Sox news, this condition makes for no strip.



Can't get the strip up, huh H.B.? Try Big BriAgra. It's the cure for any Red Sox blog flaccidity. And Big BriAgra's mechanism of action makes it so easy. Just take his enormous girth and limited intellect, mix with his inability to cut ties with his mother, and you've got a long, solid strip that'll last for days.

@Bob. wordplay won't entice BB. It's too deep for him.

Have a good time away, hb. Stay out of the way of line drives and such.


LC, I expected BB would have commented by now. Something along the lines of, "So I make you hard?"

No, BigBri, you make it easy.

Soxaholix : BigBri as

Chara : Pacioretty

I dont think BigBri will be commenting anytime soon. When his mom told him she was not going to be able to get him his Cap'n Crunch any longer, he had a breakdown. For the past week, him and his mom have been sitting naked in a bathtub full of Crunchberries crying, BigBri mewling through his tear and snot covered face into his mom's bare cleavage.


Descriptive...with...an...e...like....Eeeee!...Big Bri's in the tub with his mom.

Ya. Kinda brings a little throwup into the mouth.

And now for something completely different:

Is anyone going to Pax East this weekend? I have a ticket for Saturday. Let me know if you'll be there.

Why am I going? Because video games are awesome and I like (duh...) WINNING!

@Kaz, let us know how it is.

I've been to Pax twice when I was living in Seattle and had a great time. Been trying to convince my friends over here it's well worth adding to their con schedule but they balk at the price of flights. With it being held on the east coast, they have no excuses now.

I'm excited for you, if you couldn't tell, I almost had a nerd-gasm.

Do you ejaculate pi filling?

Nah, but sometimes I do poo in algorithm.

Swimmin'in a tsunami,goin' down down down

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