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What the Buck?

Hey, don't hold back, Buck, tell us how you really feel.


Heh, I'm just glad they didn't ask him about Rihanna.


So the guy who earned his nickname from his penchant to walk around the lockah room naked is now the great arbitah of mental acumen?


Oh, sweet irony, you do so tickle my nethahs.


I love that paht when he says. "That's why I like whipping their butt."


The Red Sox undah Theo are 93-53 against the Orioles and 25-19 against all Showalter managed clubs. Some butt whipping that.


Seriously. A Real Doll takes more abuse in her crate during shipping than anything the Bucky Boyz dish.


But we should really give the guy a pass. I mean if the last 3 clubs you managed went on to win the World Series aftah firing your sad ass, you, too, would be bittah.



Why does he keep getting jobs? He sounded retahded on Baseball Tonight, so I can't imagine listening to him 162 days a year.

There's nothing wrong with Buck whipping butt, as long as it's consenual. And in the Oriole clubhouse, I'm sure it is.

Ya, he's a putz. But finally someone that sports reporters think has something to say worth reporting is calling out Jeter for his horseshit moves at the plate. Now to get some manager to go further and call out Jeter's stumbling, twisting, oh my god he almost hit me runs halfway down the first base line every time a ball is 2" off the plate. Ok got that out of my throat, now i can go on with the day.

NOTY is back!

I'm with Buck on Jeter. And he could add that he should stop overplaying all those phantom swipe tags at second too. Jeter swipes the air, holds up the ball, and runs off the field. But it works almost every time. I could go on but I just heard NOTY is back...

Oh come on. Where's the Saltalamacchia?

I can't even pronounce that shit without having a seizure. Or the desire for a kelbasa loaded with enough Sriracha & onions to blow my head off.

Or is that just me?

I click on your real doll in crate link and the first thing that pops up in my slow browser is a headline about Liz Taylor.
My first thought is, "that HB is a sick bastard." Then the real pic shows up. My second thought is, "that HB really is a sick bastard"

Oooo, Lester! There are some outstanding names this year.

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