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Your omniscient author in absentia:
It's that time of the year again...

See you back here in a week.



Hope your vacation isn't here at Cannon. We took our annual family pilgrimage only to be met with rain followed by epic Cannon boilerplate. Mittersill was closed but it looks sweet.

H.B.'s vacationing on beautiful One Palm Isle, where the sand is pink and all file cabinets are below sea level.

...the water teal and the sky a powdery blue.

Enjoy the vaca h.b.! I guess you won't see A-Gon, since he said he doesn't want any days off this year...

Has anyone received their season tix yet? Seems a liitle late this year.

This weeks Soxaholix brought to you by your local nuclear power company-"Safe,clean affordable energy" (Cue REM)

Bob, I agree. I haven't received them yet either and I was just saying the other day to my roommate that we should be expecting them because I usually got them about a month ahead of the season.

Bob, Kaz-

FWIW, I just got my tickets this past week. Not season tix, but regular bend over and wait in the virtual waiting room (tm)type

No Bob but we did get the invoice from Krafty a few weeks ago. I guess he is counting on our hard earned money to help him thru the "tough times" of the lockout.

And we need to build more atomic plants here in the this country if everyone wants to be driving those "lectric" cars. Not enough energy if all the greenies plug in their Chevey Volts at once.

"If the Fugu is glowing,do not partake" -Homer Simpson

Scott, I got my Pats' renewal notice a couple of weeks ago, too. I'm waiting until the very last day to renew (the 31st). That money will help all my millions gather more interest, don't ya know.

Actually, Natalie could help with that question...

um...speaking of brackets -

where's the NOTY bracket. went back to their site and got nothing. It's March fercrissakes.

Nice game winning RBI last night.

Bob, I personally like to keep my millions liquid, in coin form, so I can swim in money like Scrooge McDuck.

While the last week or two has been personally most excellent, I am DYING for Opening Day. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

“The way I adjusted for the outing, the outcome was very good,’’

Agreed, Natalie. Spring training is like swimming in nickels. It's okay, but nothing compared to doing the backstroke in Krugerands.

Oh god, Bob, gold Krugerrands- reminds me of one of my favorite episodes of Arrested Development, where Lucille smuggles them in inside protein bar wrappers. That show is so fucking good. "You know, Mom, I'm crazy about these aspirin. Can't believe we give them to children!"

Home today between assignments working on the "honeydo" list (paint the kitchen). Sox on TV? Yeah, baby! I'm in!

The Globe confirms a no brainer:

//Red Sox manager Terry Francona just confirmed what we all suspected by naming Jon Lester the team's opening day starter in Texas.//

The dark days of January/Feb are gone. Sunday is Spring and Bob confirms the opening day starter. Mmmm...

so, in other baseball news - sad news. Luis Salazar, the Braves minor league manager who took a foul ball to the head some days back while in the dugout has lost his eye. Too much damage and they had to remove it. He is going to recuperate and then come back to work. I think it was McCann who hit the ball. The grand story arc of the season has some ugly shit in Chapter 1.

Bob, I received an e-mail today that had my tracking info in it for my Sox tickets. You should expect them any day now probably.

Yes, I got the same email Kaz. It says today is the expected delivery date. I can't wait to hold them and sniff them and...oh, uh, I'll take this off site now.

The tickets are here! First game: Saturday, April 9 versus the Skanks.

There are three games in the first week. But they've always been a little front heavy like that. Three games versus the Orioles is a little odd. Got an interleague against the Padres. All in all, they smell like leather and victory.

Joba on the the shelf indefinitely.


you can go on the DL for strained fat? don't tell Bartolo Colon

Bob, if you also notice...we now have like 7 mid-week games and only 3 weekend dates. It used to be 5 and 5 before. Ah well, at least there's only ONE mid-afternoon weekday game now....so I only have to bribe my boss with a ticket ONCE instead of twice this year.

Maybe they'll make up for it next year with 10 Saturday games. They'll call it the 10th Man Ace Ticket Plan.

Well, I'm going to split a tad early today. I have a vacation week next week. No pink cartoon beaches for me though; just a Staycation.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Vicarious living 101. Balmain Boomers take the under 8 t-ball championship:


Boomers! Boomers!

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