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Pass the tanning buttah

Now that is what I call a final tuneup.


Zen and the aht of Sprint Training Maintenance.


Seriously. A propitious way to break camp and head into the most hyped and highest expectation adorned season in memory.


33 of 45 ESPN baseball pundits pick the Red Sox win the World Series pennant this year!?


But even Pinto concedes that "decent seasons" from Ells and Salty pushes the core WAR past the MFYs.


So between said sock and shoe...


It wasn't a rock, it was a rock lobstah!


That's right. Steam it. Shell it. Mix it with a touch of mayo, a squeeze of lemon, a hint of celery, and a sprinkle of peppah...


Cuz this season is going on a friggin' roll!



There goes a dog fish...followed by a cat fish... ;O

On a buttered and grilled roll, of course.

The lobster roll is one of the greatest gifts to mankind.

Neptune Oyster in the North End makes two spectacular versions. One the classic, the other with warm lobster and butter instead of mayo. Perhaps I shall sample one or three after work today, since it is on my walk home.

Watch out for that piranha...

h.b.-my 2 cents: I read daily and appreciate your creativity. I often don't comment because I barely break the Mendoza line with regard to quality. It's hard to keep up with such a witty and literate crew. But when I do have somethig to say, I know I can come here and say it. AND I've been able to meet Buckner and Bob. And Abby. Next up are lc, h.b., and everyone's favorite teal-wearing coquette, Natalie. One can dream.

So keep up the good work. We need you as much as you us. Big day tomorrow!!!

Is it tomorrow yet?

Is it tomorrow yet?

In my hometown there is one of those quintessentially New England places -- off the road, nestled among pine trees, dirt parking lot, bug zapper, open only in summer, order window, pickup window, order up numbers announced over crackly PA, entirely staffed by cherubic faced high school girls, been there forever, enjoyed by age 3 to 103, make their own homemade ice cream -- that has a really fantastic lobster roll (and a lobster roll special on Wednesdays which I always take into account when visiting).

A lobster roll followed by homemade black raspberry ice cream? OMFG. Ambrosia.

All this talk of lobstah rolls- now I have to head up to Woodman's to get my fix!

Love the B52's. Thanks for the mention.

Damn you and your lobster rolls. Not a single one for miles around here in DC. Crab cakes are pretty sweet, but they don't hold a candle to a good lobster roll.

There's a place out by Logan airport, on some two lane road on the water, that basically takes a whole lobster, adds just enough mayo to hold it together, and dumps the two pounds of meat over a buttered roll. The roll doesn't stand a chance. God I'm hungry now.

"The lobster roll is one of the greatest gifts to mankind."

your welcome.


We'll see about that! I'll go with Pinto.

How about this prediction? http://personals.nydailynews.com/blogs/yankees/2011/03/mccarver-touts-a-rod-as-mvp-candidate


Just 33 of 45.

Oh, and as for McCarver, I think he'd like to do more than "tout" A-Rod, if you know what I mean.

"Hey, A-Rod, there's something up on the roof I'd like to show you."

Seven comments above....Updike to Irving to HB.

Soulie, that's Belle Isle Seafood.

I like Pinto and respect his work, but there's a reason his site's background is pinstripes. ;)

I like Pinto and respect his work, but there's a reason his site's background is pinstripes. ;)

Lobster rolls are a tasty topic, but this is even more titillating:



Free game streams for a month:


The 2011 baseball season has begun, y'all! At home, watching NYY/DET, pretending to work. Life is good.

Life WAS good. I just remembered that today's the deadline to pay my Pats' season tix. Payday just turned into Awayday.

Holy Crap, hb, I thought I was the only one with a black-raspberry ice cream fetish! Each summer as a child in western Mass and on the Cape I was routinely berated for making that selection over the perennial favs...chocolate, vanilla, maple-walnut, etc.

Black raspberry? Over a coffee frappe?

Natalie I think I can speak for everyone in wondering, you know, what are you wearing?


Yes indeed that is the flavor! And it's always best at those local, side the road places.

Just a lacy red bra and panties under my unbuttoned 'Tek jersey, of course.

Sabathia is a tiny bit in trouble, DET up 1-0 in the second. Watching real baseball again -live- is bliss.

I agree with ponch. Pinto remarks that Drew, Youkilis, and Papi are "a year older," yet somehow A-Fraud & Jeter will bounce back from their poor seasons and along with Mrs. Texeira, counteract the regressions of Cano, Swisher & Gardner. Not to mention Posada & the soon-to-expire warranty of Robo-Rivera are crucial players on the MFY's 25-man roster. Looks like Pinto is whistling through the graveyard while wearing pinstripe sunglasses...

HB tees it up ... and Natalie hits it out of the park!!

Thanks for the visual...the rest of my day is shot.

The rest of my day is money shot.

I just want you all to know that I touched that Tek jersey she's loosely wearing!

I'll be available for signing autographs on Sunday April 10th inside Fenway.

We may be watching the Skanks online, but the Bronx Zoo Cobra is apparently at the game. Best use of Twitter, evah.


As my hometown is Fitchburg, I have to big up the lobstah roll from S.S. Lobster and if clams are your thing Duguays in Gardner. I have to say I miss proper hotdog rolls as well. And Legal Seafood. Oh, and Revere Beach in the summer (any food is acceptable). Oh, and Pier Fries at my Gram's place in Old Orchard Beach. sigh, I miss home...

And echoing Natalie, when's tomorrow, when's tomorrow, when's tomorrow? Incredibly happy I can actually watch opening day without the sleep deprivation and the Zombie face the next day at work.

h.b. "The lobster roll is one of the greatest gifts to mankind." No truer words were ever written.

HunterStarts -- Kelly's lobster rolls are as good as Woodman's, IMO and you don't need to drive as far. Huge amounts of meat and very lightly dressed. Perfect.

mental4sox -- very good points about the aging Yankees. Talking about Youkilis being a year older, like he's in his mid-30s or something, is pretty ridiculous.

I have to wonder, with yesterday's 10-0 win if that was the first game they really tried to win. Salty had the highest average in ST. Bodes well. Yum

report from the front:

of course, I turned on the satellite radio during the "errand" I had to run at about 1:05 pm. Kathy Griffin and The great Oz, live from MFYS.

One of the Tigers gor aa "single" off of Jeter's glove in the second.

Baseball's back, and it feels damn good.



Serious, not joking question: Is Kim Jones (NYY sideline reportor on YES) hearing impaired? This is my first exposure to this lispy loud woman, and I am amazed she has the job she does. Certainly there are attractive women out there who can speak that'd be better at spoken TV analysis?

Link if you have one Natalie...can't seem to find anything not recorded off someone's tv that's not distorted or really bad quality.

Link if you have one Natalie...can't seem to find anything not recorded off someone's tv that's not distorted or really bad quality.

Funny how the return of baseball has put everything back right again.

Today's strip was easy to write, the comments are up, the comments are a delightful mix of baseball, New England regionalism, and pop culture, and, as if that isn't enough, Natalie is in just a lacy red bra and panties.

In the words of Shoelace Joe coming out of the corn stalks, "Is this heaven?"

Yeah, okay...even though Heidi Watney irritates me to no end I'd totally go lesbionic with her before the Yankees chick. (based on the pics I saw)

I'd have to gag HW, but that's no big deal, really.

You might be able to rustle up some volunteers from this creepy bunch for the gagging her part, providing the gag methodology is without preconditions.

Once again, the season begins.

Once again, I offer to fans of Soxaholix access to MLB audio (if they're going to make me pay for the iPhone app AND AGAIN for the same audio on my browser, then I'm gonna share my login). E-mail me and I'll get you the info that you need to log in to the website to listen to the games.

The opening day fever is palpable, usually it comes with a heaping side of "spring fever", but much like the 1997 April Fool's storm/Rocket goes to Toronto snow storm, here in western Mass we are expecting "plowable snow fall"...nice freaking euphemism...90 degrees tomorrow in Arlington...play ball!

Hmm, I thought it'd include my email but it didn't.

Email me here

If I don't get back to you, yell at me in the comments here.

Woke up downunder to >30 comments on the 'holix site, talk of lobstah rolls, a bob link to hot girls and baseball on the Iphone device.

('cept the Yanks are up 5-3)

7 3/4 year old 'sox fan just woke to see the Yankees winning. He laughed and, to piss his parents off, said 'go Yankees' to which mrs sdu replied: 'you can't go for the yankeed or I'll take everything you own off you'. He is back in the fold.

Gotta get 'em young sdu. Gotta get 'em young.

@ h.b. Don't care what you lot gag her with. Fashion something out of some mozzerella, a jock and a dumpster, and we'll call it the Sizzler.

Don't forget Conrad's in Lunenburg, psuedo, where they also serve excellent black raspberry ice cream, (my favorite until mint-mint-chocolate-chocolate came around).

Oh, and if I haven't mentioned it yet, the yanks suck.

@Steve...Talking about old school local-Maryann's donuts. Closed now unfortunately. Better than effing sex though. Haven't had a cream donut in my life to top it. EVER.

Wow. I just read this great piece - the best 50 comments to the Soxaholix in a great while.

I will attach myself to the on field reporter thread. Uh, i got everything needed to gag Heidi W hanging right here with me. No cheese, or other props needed. Lets face it, there is no fucking need whatsoever for an on field reporter at a baseball game. So if there is going to be one, it should be fantasy worthy. Not the ho from YES, or that annoying thing from the Orioles broadcasts with too many names, or f'in Ken Rosenthal on Fux. Remember when dear old Manny couldnt keep his eyes off the last NESN sideline pretty's boobage? Ah, baseball and the Redsox. Good times, good times.

damnit Jeff...beat me by a 1/2 hour. Late to show w/ a busy work day and the PDT or PST, which are we in?

Yep, feels like baseball season has officially started.

Best lobster roll - made at home then would ride my bike for ice cream at Brown's by the Nubble. Go w/ my kids and my folks now, except they sold and it's not handmade anymore.

Wait, did someone mention lacy bra and panties? Hooray for baseball!

It's the most happiest time of the year!

It's the most wonderful time of the year
With the kids Soxaholing
And everyone telling you "Be of good cheer"
It's the most wonderful time of the year
It's the hap-happiest season of all
With those Red Sox greetings and Beer Cart-a meetings
When friends come to call
It's the hap- happiest season of all

There'll be Pedroia-a hosting
Yank pitchers for toasting
And cheering out in the grass
There'll be scary ball stories (maybe a lil bit of ass)
And tales of the glories of
Sox seasons long, long ago

It's the most wonderful time of the year
There'll be much Youkilising
And hearts will be glowing
When love ones are near
It's the most wonderful time of the year

So h.b.,I'd say the comments are back up???

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