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Life's Trolley Ride

Hart Brachen:
Your humble author, who even if he is not "bi-winning" is certainly "bi-just-showing-up" (which is a lot like winning, sort of, except for today, of course, when he's not actually even showing up) is taking today off to take a spin on life's trolley.

(BTW do you think the T charges a separate fare to bring a RealDoll on the Green Line? I'm just asking.)



Say "Hello" to Lady Elaine and Daniel Tiger for me.

No, H.B., they don't charge extra. But they do ask that you clean up when you exit the train.

@James. Great Mr. Rubenstein's Neighborhood callback.

Meow-meow-meow, Lou Clinton.

If you see Giovanni Ribisi,h.b.,make sure he doesn't unleash his snake ;D

Apparently, the Yankees really are human. Who would have guessed?

COD, the Skanks develop a tiny bit of human DNA every time they eat a baby.

Enjoy this.

Francona Pedroia Convo


Who knew Tito was so funny??

That Francona/Pedroia conversation has so much heart, grit, determination and dirt on the uniform toughness that I can't stand it. (Cano is better.)

The Johnson daughter's life saved at Vanderbilt University Medical Center? Not surprising: A bunch of gnarly gnarlington lunar stealth warlocks.

sniff...sniff...bowwowwowwow! Beer!

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Message to hitherto hearbroken 'Go Sox Go heels yankees suck Duke sucks':

Feeling better?


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