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Grapefruit Daze

The global expansion of baseball continues apace – The Netherlands is building a stadium capable of holding a majah league baseball game.


Legal weed *and* baseball? Talk about a case of "If you build it, I will come."


"Now batting for the Amsterdam Purple Haze, the shortstop, Poke Smot."


"Clap.Clap. ClapClap...  Whoa! Imagine if everyone in the world clapped at the same instant? Dude! Like what color would it be?"


Heh. Speaking of dazed and confused, Manny in a Rays uni?


I tell you what, despite all the Manny-Shemannigans we've been through, I look at that pic of Manny hugging Papi and I just can't help but smile.



Even though I am a Rays fan I am addicted to this blog.

RIP Liz-it was a long strange trip.

That pic of Papi and Manny warmed me up this cold, snowy NYC morning. Am stoked about the AMS ballpark given how often I am over there. Bet they'd serve awesome beer, among other things. Soxaholix pilgrimage???

Great strip and all that but all bullshit aside, it comes down to which one of us is going to get Pujols.

It has been my experience that the Dutch are the least trustworthy European people.

And they're white, so I can say that without getting into trouble!

I just got over a case of the pujols and now I have to get it again?

I dunno, will he do St. Louis a parting favor and agree to a sign and trade so they can get prospects? Do you have three better than Teix, Montero and Banuelos? Did you see that fucking change up that K'd Youkilis last week? Even the badger that died on his chin was fooled.

Shit, everyone's on the table from both sides to get Pujols for 5-6 years: Lester, CC, everyone.

Yeah, that '04 season was really something. So much water over the dam since then that it can be hard to remember just how special that team and that time was. Good times.

J.O., no matter how badly you may think Boston fans want Pujols, I don't think we'll ever top NYY fans' chances at getting Pujols. You guys are always going to be able to get Pujols before us. I just don't think we have the right desire or expertise to fulfill Pujols the way that you NYY fans do.


Ok, got that out of my system...

Kaz, you guys just made $400 million with the stroke of a pen in the Liverpool deal. ~$800m ent. valuation minus a ~$400m purchase price.

Great move by Stephen Hawking, and I don't think there's any way that the brilliant/bold/savvy young genius, the aforementioned Hawking and the collie molester Lucchino won't be neck and neck players with NYY on AP.

Gooch v. gooch so early in the season?

I too smiled a little and the pic of Manny hugging Papi. Manny's always been in his own little world. When that world has him boyishly hugging Papi, it's an OK world. When that world involves pushing travelling secretaries to the floor and not hustling, it's a world I can't stand.

No question, though, that Manny was a great hitter and it's doubtful we would have won championships without him.

I wonder if vendors will deliver the weed in the stands. But instead of hot dog steam, it's purple haze coming off the cart. "Wiet Gruis, get your Wiet Gruis here...like some OG Kush with that?"

(My stay-cation is going great. Can't beat the weather.)

The Netherlands, Holland, whatever its called...

If the Red sox play there, will the hookers behind glass put on red stockings so we can call it the Red Sox district?

Even though the coffee bahs and tea shops ain't what they used to be, if Kaz finds one he likes can we call it the Kazbah?

Speaking of the ongoing effort to put an end to the favorite pastime for travelers to Amsterdam, why cant folks just leave well enough alone? We travlers dont make a big deal about how the little dutch boys are always sticking their fingers in dykes.

Can we require that Don Orsillo go test drive some hookahs so the broadcast is completely over the top?

I have quetions! They need answering! And who is going to get the sponsor naming rights? "Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls to Joker 1.5 Park. Have a great game, please don't smoke any Pujols in front of the children."

Tito has set the rest of the rotation:

//Following Lester will be John Lackey, Clay Buchholz, Josh Beckett, and Daisuke Matsuzaka.//

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