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"...for the teeming quietest, happiest days of all!"


Hey, his lady likes it that way.


Why do I get the feeling that it's only a mattah of time before we learn that Brady, A-Rod, and Just Beiber are gathering regularly for pokah games.


Throw in a couple dogs, and you've got yourself a painting.


Keep an eye on that bulldog with the cigah, he cheats.


Speaking of dogs, our favorite labradoodle haired boyfriend sure has been quiet this spring. Nothing from camp since Feb 19th.


Ominous. You figure that even in a halcyon camp like this one has been so fah, that the CHB would whip out one of his overly sarcastic "mahk it down, the Red Sox are going to win the World Series" columns.


Give him time. It's still early yet.



Probably passed out at the Cock and Sluttah ;D

Sorry,that just slipped out...Doh!!

I don't mind Brady's hair as much as his Oral B bicycle jersey (or is it called a blouse?).

It can't be long before something like this happens -


LATFH website hasn't been updated for months. I used to check it out every now and then. It was a better freak show than anything Barnum & Bailey had.

Just so long as he's not wearing a European Man Thong

Don't talk smack about my boy TFB!

Flipping hilarious website. Denver is full of those hipster fuckers!

Oh, where are the good old days? Remember growing up and playing in the empty yard, "I'm the Snake", "I'm Johnny U", "I'm Bradshaw", "i'm Montana". Even just a few years ago when Brady was just a good quartrback and not yet a Bieberized hipster, "I'm Brady". Now its "ok, you're Brady", "no way! I'm not Brady, you're Brady you gaywad"


As long as Brady continues to be the best quarterback in teh NFL, I think most people in NE will continue to cut him a break. And let's face it, when you've got your millions and Gisele on your arm, I don't think you're giving a damn about what the proletariat think about you.

Or am I way off on this?

Actually Rob, I think you are probably right. Although his outward show of vanity might be proof otherwise.

But being a prol, i must play my part, and that is to talk shit about the upper muckety mucks, else they would have no one to ignore.

I hope TFB grows a ponytail.

I'm growing one myself.


(By the way, a gigantic Union versus Billionaires confrontation is about to begin as we contemplate whether or not there will be an NFL season in 2011; should be epic).

Who cares as the Sox play.

Go Sox! (and Unions)

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