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Fish on Fridays


"The City of Brotherly D-Cells."


Meanwhile, in the Athens of America, we know how how to bring the real love, as Carl Crawford has noticed.


Seriously. And if Crawford thinks he has adulation now, just imagine if he opened up an antiquarian bookshop?


Speaking of first editions, did everyone see Pinto's analysis of the Red Sox lineup? Holy Fish Tacos.


The *worst* lineup gets 5.12 runs per game???


I'd insert a Charlie Sheen reference here, but I've been told that's so friggin last week.


Absolutely. Sheen is out. Libya is out. Tsunami is in.


Well, then, I'd make a metaphor comparing the Red Sox offense to a Tsunami but, of course, that would be in bad taste.


Hey, did you not get the memo? Nevah let a serious crisis go to waste.



It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine ;)

That reporter should be demoted to covering Double A ball. (Get it? Double A? Batteries? Ooookay.)

Bob, you'd never see such bad puns in print back when I played the game.

Japanese baseball season starts at the end of March, but everyone is already doing the wave. (My contribution to bad taste for the day).

With that lineup will be in the "running" for the "tidal"!!

HB great strip today. I get more pumped for the season coming here then I do for all the globes coverage combined. Thanks.

I cant really joke about the tsunami... the footage is terrible to watch.

And i thought the DaisukeMa Tsunami was terrible to behold...

What a crappy week
Rain, Chara, now tsunami
Send sun and GyROs!

Athens of America...I like that analogy, particularly on the eve of the Peloponnesian War.

But who's Pericles? Menino? Patrick? Don't make me laugh. Maybe it's louclinton...that I could see.

A giant wave of beer is approaching...it's absolutely HUGE...please pray for me.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Just a reminder, I'll be on vacation all next week.

I'll post a vacation placeholder.

Beach. Sun. Sand. Mexican Cartels. The usual...

Does the real doll need a ticket for the flight?

Pains me to admit it (and even more unlikely given that I usually click away once I even see the byline) but CHB put together what could even be called a level-headed and compassionate piece at http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/articles/2011/03/12/red_sox_wakefield_playing_role_of_the_old_standby/ about Wake. Maybe because it's so damn short he didn't have time to fk it up. Anyhow, the point isn't CHB but Wake. I don't bother trying to keep track of all the arcane BS rules about options and releases and DFA and all that stuff, but suffice to say that if the bottom line is that the Sox make the mistake of not making a token effort to keep someone who really wants to stay (See: Arroyo, Bronson), there will almost certainly someone among the 29 other clubs who will do so. That's the problem with being obscenely rich: You sometimes don't see the dusty but tiny faded nugget of gold in your pile of sleek new diamonds. Just like they should have sent Manny to the minors when his trick knee kept acting up (was it his left knee, or right knee, or grandmother's knee? I can't remember) rather than give him away for nothing, the Sox now need to make the same tough-love decision with their $100-million-mistake. Keeping Dice-K instead of Wake is simply contrary to common sense. Even if their numbers are close, which maybe they are, and even if Wake is more trouble for a catcher than a guy who can't speak English and doesn't seem interested in common-sense advice in any language, Wake at least has a hell of a lot of heart and also has the not-incidental advantage of screwing up the timing of the batters for whichever Sox pitcher has the good fortune to be following him. And anyhow, for those of us from Stoneham, Wakefield will always rise in the East.

not to go all self promotional on you, but the last two entries at www.38cliches.com might make you weep.


love you, love the show, hb

let us know how the donkey show looks this year.

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