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OK, so this new volume on Fenway looks like the must have book of the year.


Seriously. And as much as I accept and generally cheer the rise of the eBook, no eReadah, so fah, can do justice to the so-called "coffee table book."


So Beckett seems unfazed aftah his mild concussion.


He remains on track.


Of course he does. The Warlock is hungry. The Warlock tastes winning.


Totally. And if Beckett does return to his formah self, we may as well go ahead nowand hashtag this season as #tigerblood.





Josh Gnarlyton will wield his rawhide machette against all pathetic losers who aren't the two and a half men he is. While A-Fraud partakes of freeze-dried weasel bile, Winner Josh will draw fresh tiger blood from the DUI vial of Magglio Ordonez, and like a microwave on meth, will love his opponents violently.
Jealous much, everybody?

Wow, Bob! Amazing. Just, amazing...

We're not worthy.

#WINNING. The Mayor of Medford, the King of Concord will wipe the tears from the eye of you #LOSERS. #DUH. JB will smote the #HITTAHS with the slow, sleductive slutter, and carve out their pancreases with a surgical strike too sharp to sustain a snail on its blade. #SLICING. Sunsets begone, mere mortals, the #FUTAH belongs us and our kinsmen.

Thus spaketh lc

Bob, that was well done, except (and this is of course a good faith correction) it's "josh gnarlington" as in "gnarly gnarlington."

Not even your cheap shot at the man who will re-establish himself as the best player in the game this year can diminish the last 24 hours...for me, as with Col. Kilgore, they have smelled like victory.

I was wondering how long it would be before Charlie infected this wonderful venue. I am so sick of this clown.

It's either Sheen or riffing on mass murder by Ghadafi. Guess I took the easy way out.

By the way, that book that hb is whoring in the first panel is outstanding. I got a copy of it and, like my MyLittlePony nightlight, is never far away from where I do my reading.
I highly recommend it, especially for those of you who remember seeing the Buck Printing Sign (look it up) in person.



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