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El Orgullo

You know the Federal bureaucracy may be bloated, inefficient, wasteful, and bordering on bankruptcy, but every now and again somebody gets something right.


Exactly. While the playahs may be mere mortals, their mythology often rises to the heroic and should be celebrated as such.


So a tip of the cap to the National Portrait Gallery.


Now with that said, memo to the artist — WTF is up with the all the blue?


I realize they didn't want to brand the portrait to a particulah team, but did it have to be blue?


That's his Dominican uni from the WBC.


Ah... OK... yeah, heaven forbid they put him a Red Sox uniform or anything I mean it's not like he won a World Series in Boston or won a pair of Cy Youngs here or anything.


Hey, could be worse, at least they didn't put him in a UN Peacekeepers uniform.


Actually, the UN could really use a guy like Pedro right about now.


Petey would be all "Wake up the damn Gadhafi, I'll drill him in the ass!"


"And bring me Sandra Bullock."



I guess the artist made his uni half Expo, half Red Sox. Other than that, it's pretty damn cool. No dogs playing poker, but not bad.

I respect the jheri-curled little fucker b/c of his refusal to apologize after being videotaped with Marichal at the cockfight in the DR. That's right you PETA assholes, it's our island and our culture: If we want, we'll have a 3 ringer with Bad Newz kennels, a cockfight plus a cobra vs. a mongoose.

Throw in Charlie Sheen to do color commentary and you've got a show!


"WAKE UP THE DAMN GADHAFI, I'LL DRILL HIM IN THE ASS!" is one of the funniest things I've ever read.


Just got word from Susan Miller-Havens' publicist that Pedro is in fact in a Red Sox uni in the portrait and that is a "B" on his cap not a "D."

At least this mistake is not as bad as the one where I thought Crawford was buying an antique book store.

Sure, it's a B, I can see that...

But what's the flag on his sleeve and why?

"The Dominican flag on the uniform is meant to pay tribute to Pedro’s pride in his country."

http://www.interpretationbydesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/IBD_baseball_flowchart.jpg works pretty well...

BTW can't remember who reminded me about the copyright update, but that is fixed, thanks.

Also removed the empty GoogleAds box that I forgot to remove after they "disappeared" us for mentioning and linking to RealDolls.

Paul in DC. Loved that the chart dumps on the Yankees right out of the chute. "I have a soul..."

h.b., LOVE the Pedro pic. I'd hang a signed print right in the man cave. The artist nailed the Pedro stare-in. The Fisk painting on her website is okay, too, but nothing will replace the body English image on his 12th inning homer in Game 6.

Nice painting. $35,000 nice? $35,000 nice less the tax savings for a charitable contribution? Gammons must have bought it while recovering from his stroke. A fool and his money - but that just my opinion.

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