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Doin' the Turista Tango

Your omniscient author in absentia:
OK, good news, bad news...

+ The bad

I picked up a stomach thing while on vacation in a fairly remote part of Mexico and in addition to the standard symptoms it has left me with a hardcore case of malaise/apathy. I have no interest in anything — not food, not the Red Sox, not the usual pleasures of any sort. (Well, Dice-K's outing yesterday did make me half-smile.)

After 4 days of going with the "let it run its course" and "positive thinking" method of treatment with little improvement, I'm going to go see the doc today.

+ The good

I lost 6 pounds.

Hopefully the doc will give me something kick ass and I'll be back soon, like tomorrow.

Until then...



Well, if your doc is like any of the docs I've seen in the past for intestinal issues... don't get your hopes up!

Seriously, though. Here's to a speedy recovery. Be sure to celebrate with a spicy chile relleno.

//not the usual pleasures of any sort.//

Neglect of a real doll is a serious offense in some states. I think they have a pretty strong lobby.

Get better soon, HB.


A chick I went out with some in high school wanted to catch mono to lose weight. She was weird, but oh so hot.

Yikes. That sucks, H.B. Kind of reminds me of the tapeworms BigBri feeds his mom when he needs to fit her through the front door.

Feel better HB!

on my spring break in Cancun several thousand years ago I avoided water religiously and figured I'd escape unscathed. Unfortunately on the flight home I had a soda and the ice cubes took me down. Lost 12 pounds. Feel better, HB

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