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Autotelically yours

You know there is nothing more disappointing than almost, almost witnessing perfection only in the end to just miss it.


Ah, yes, absolutely...


Like a perfect game that's broken up with a broken bat infield single in the 9th and almost, almost achieving the transcendence that Giamatti refers to as the negotium to otium, from tedium to freedom...


That is those precise random moments that had nevah before come together where spectatah and playah are privy to the realized act of imagination and in that instance are joined in assenting to a hitherto unknown betterment of self, city, and shared human plane of existence.


Well, I was talking about the kid almost puking on American Idol last night, but I think the Aristotelian convention of the transformative artifact still applies.




And seeing Seacrest covered in Casey's vomit mattah would package bettah as a TV highlight than a perfect game would.


There you have it – otium to vomitium.


Oh, what might have been.



[i]veni, vidi, vomi[/i]

So I can tell my wife that I was right about Casey almost puking last night - because the clip art character on the Internet agrees with me.

Get thee to a vomitorium!

Could have inspired a new Ben & Jerry's flavor: Chunky Seacrest (in half pints of course).

Ah, the last real day of my stay-cation. Where every hour of every day is beer cart. Now all I have left is the weekend, which everybody gets off. So it's useless to me psychologically.

Anyway, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Haha,he said yak!! ;O

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