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And so it goes...

You evah have those times where you look in the mirrah and think "What's the fucking point?"


Yeah, I call it "morning."


You'll feel bettah once the games staht for real.


Well, unless this Spring Training run of losing proves ominous... 10 in a row?


Ah, you know, we've got a whole 162 games to worry and gnash teeth ovah, why staht now?


Remembah the the axiom of the CHB: "I deal with the living."


Shaughnessy said that?


Last line of of his Sunday column. You can look it up.


Meanwhile, dead people everywhere nevah felt so good.



Speaking of dead people, the inventor of Super Glue has died. He was found under a girder with a hard hat on his head.

...and a push-up bra on his real doll.

He was 94. He stuck around too long.

Remember the days when Super Glue was actually "super"? Now it's no different than regular glue and pretty much sucks.

Life in the nanny state, I guess, where we have to protect people from hurting themselves by banning otherwise great products.

I can remember in 7th grade someone actually Super Glued a chair to the wall in school. Good times...

And why arent people who put super glue in their eyes just taken out and summarily shot for idiocy.

I have to shift gears and get this in.. Its just so, well, just read it.

The gift that keeps on giving

//there were 6-8 players on this trip who will be on the 25-man roster come April 1//

'nuf said.

Apparently there's also "no crying in baseball." Wow.

Don't give CHB too much credit: I think he's quoting Earl Weaver.

Spent the day in Sarasota, and Buck Schowalter has given me a reason to hate the Orioles.....(finally)

So redleg, you are back stateside from Iraq (or was it Afghanistan)? Welcome back! Hope you are enjoying your time home...

Jeff, that article is hilarious if true, although the comment about "ask Costner"- if that's a dig at Bull Durham I am disappointed. That movie ROCKS.


You're right. I think that is CHB quoting Weaver. Sorta blows the strip premise. Ah, well, one of those days...

No, probably a rip at "For the love of the Game", I'm guessing. You can't touch Bull Durham, everybody knows that.

GSGH, ahhh, that makes sense. I completely forgot about that movie- I was thinking, "Bull Durham" or "Field of Dreams," why are we crapping on Costner in re: baseball movies here, exactly?

Is it just me, or did the font in the strip change?

Alright, take 2...let's try again Tuesday.

That's my motto for the day.

Know it's a bit early, but me and the hubby will be at the June @TB & August @SEA serieseses visiting the fam.

If anyone's local at those games let me know, maybe get some wings and a Mac & Jacks in Seattle and whatever's local in Tampa?

Opening day, here we come. yay!

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