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And lots ... of... give... a... ways...

If you evah need affirmation of the famous Campanella quote that "to play baseball for a living you've got to me man but you gotta have a lot of little boy in you too" look no further than this outtake reel.


OMFG those outtakes are the best thing I've seen all wintah.


Yeah, and this needs to be bookmarked and yanked out the next time anyone stahts the "primadonna" or "it's just a business to these guys" meme.


Truth is these guys are the Boston Red Sox but they're also a collection of humorous, likeable, decent guys. Worth remembering.


"Mothers, people... Dude, clean it up."


"Is there a tweet?"


"That's that twitter stuff."


And I tell you what. While thousands of words have been written about Francona's relationship with the players, it wasn't until that 5 second split with Tito bustin' Pedroia's balls that I really felt like I knew what that really means.


"I can't wait to knee him."


Best outtakes evah!



my takeaway?

is too cruel to post.

Go Red Sox, follow me on Mother's Day on xpinidy on demand on comcast where i have a hat and you don't, but send in some money to Larry Lukkino, because he needs it because I took it all from him and it's early and Xtina was in town, so I have no feet or at least can't find them presently. #WINNING


Domo Arrigato,Mr.Roboto

best part - cameron 'fluffing' pedroia. aww yeah.

Why is Pedroia squinting to read cue cards three feet away from him? Screw his foot, I think he's fractured his eyesight.

(Giavanni Ribisi. Heh.)

They don't call l.c. "surly but loveable" for nothin'!

This is shaping up to be fun season. All the regulars are honing their quintessentials.

BTW speaking of "that Twitter stuff" if you are "on the tweeter" please follow me @hartbrachen and I'll do the same to you.

I'd like to try using it more... though I say that every season.

my quintessentials are rather private, thanks very much.


lc., I know a guy in the TSA at PWM who says otherwise.

Youkilis seems to have the whole reading from cue cards down. He went through all of the English ones and started in on the spanish ones. Heh, got a chuckle outta Papi.

1. Not a particularly attractive bunch. 2. Most of them should get their vision checked.

Just made a so so day a great day. JD Drew, who knew he was funny? Who knew he could talk?

Pedey showing up for photo day looking like he just got back from a 3 day'er with Charlie Sheen. Lasers!

Whole thing just proves to me that my favorite team is awesomer than any other team out there.


Eso es lo que estoy hablando!

Always love the behind the scenes stuff.

Now when I see one of those spots that actually get on air, I'll just laugh at the memory of these outtakes.

"Giovanni Ribisi"....classic.

JD Drew sounds like Beavis, all growed up. And Christian.

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