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Always 10 at heart...

You know I'm getting to the age where...


You're getting to the age where you begin to preface things you're about to say with "You know I'm getting to the age where..."?




Well, here's the deal...


You'll nevah get to an age where you don't think "The Sluttah" is the greatest name for a baseball pitch evah.


Nope. Nevah. Evah.


Long live The Sluttah!



Sluttahs Rule!!

If paps opened an English pub, he should call it the Cock & Slutter.

Mmmm, Hot dogs and sluttahs...

A quote from the link: "Francona wasn’t surprised that no Sox fan offered to treat [Pedroia] the 2008 American League most valuable player. 'They probably didn’t think he was a player,' Francona said. 'He probably looked like he was in second grade.'"

Oh, it's gonna be a good season. I can tell.

Capital name for a Pale Ale,Bob-I'll begin formulations forthwith ;)

Papelbon's pub should be right next door to Crawford's bookstore ...

Whats a bookstore?

be sure to have Hookers on tap at the Cock & Slutter

Oh dear sweet Baby Jesus, please tell me you people have seen this:


Is it sad that I thought instantly of Soxaholix when I read this?

Beth that was a great link. And now I'm craving sriracha. My new fave is sriracha on cream cheese on toast in the morning.

There's this too h.b.


pseudo, that is brilliant.

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