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Yeah, I know, I left some out...

OK, I confess that I haven't seen The King's Speech nor do I have plans to see it anytime soon...


But I'll take the word of othahs that it's great and all.


Funny, I was just saying the same thing about the Gyroball.


Yeah, even that chick in Winter's Bone who walked all ovah redneckville looking for her dad wouldn't be able to find the Gyroball.


Maybe there really was a Gyroball but some nefarious bastard stole the secret for how to throw it while Dice-K was dreaming.


No mattah, Beckett in 2011 is gonna go all Zuckerberg on the Winklevii.


Seriously. Beckett's the Fighter.


The dude's got true grit.


Are you kidding me, of all the Red Sox, Beckett's the one most likely to pull an Aron Ralston.



So is Pedroia the winner for best live action short?

Did Papelbon's mouth win best animated feature?

I heard Ken from Toy Story 3 was modeled on A-Rod.

I saw The Fighter, Winter's Bone, Toy Story 3, True Grit, and The Social Network. All fine films, none of which had the chick from That 70s Show eating at the Y (to paraphrase Joel McHale).

My wife wanted to see The King's Speech, but the commercials made it look boring, so I didn't want to spend 2+ hours being disabused of that notion.

Note to self: See the Black Swan ASAP.

Spending 2 hours learning that Colin Firth, Jeffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter are great actors was time much better spent than the two hours confirming that Mark Zuckerberg is an asshole.

I missed Winter's Bone, the Fighter and 127 Hours- rare for me not to have seen all the major contenders. The King's Speech was good, but not as good as True Grit, IMHO (Hailee Steinfeld wuz robbed). In re: the event itself, I actually *really* enjoyed Franco and Hathaway. The opening Inception sequence had me laughing aloud and I positively adored how little Franco gave a fuck.

I go with Netflix and subtitled films. Try to avoid the cinema since I have an aversion to the great unwashed. Saw Toy Story 3 as a rental. Saw Inception and The Social Network since one of my daughters foolishly purchased them. Would not recommend TSN and Inception, while interesting, did not strike me as Oscar-worthy. Saw all of 5 minutes of the telecast where Kirk Douglas was doing product placements for Depends. Equally ugh.

becket hit by a batted ball. jesus h christ.


@da kine The King's Speech isn't boring, it's actually quite funny and flows really well, so you don't feel like it's as long as it is.

However, The Social Network made me want to beg for those 2 hours of my life back. The douchebaggery abounded and the Dud did not abide.

@vasoxfan - F(*££^"*^&"*KKKK!

The Dude even...

I fail.

Check this out, guys: http://mlb.com/dreamjob/

Maybe that'll knock the amnesia out of him and he'll remember that he's Josh F-ing Beckett.

Did anyone find out where SDU is? Did he kill a dragon and pass into Valhalla?


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