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Still a ways...

Sigh. I fall for it every year...


From about Christmas on I keep thinking "if I can just make it to pitchers and catchers reporting then all will right with the world."


And then pitchahs and catchahs report and it turns out that, hey, it's pretty much the same. Baseball is still a long way away.


Yeah, it's like looking forward to the new Lady Gaga single and then finding out it's an old Madonna single. Heh.


Speaking of the song remaining the same, have you heard that J.D. Drew is still hurt?


Cue the ominous music... "Will the 2011 Red Sox stay healthy????"


Bettah than that, cue the movie trailah voice ovah guy...

"In a world where staying healthy is all that matters..."

"One team..."



And you wonder why J.D. hasn't been asked to be the spokesman for the hyperbaric chamber company.

At least Madge didn't pop out of an egg. ;O

...or a hyperbaric chamber

I know actual real live baseball is still far away, but it does. Not. Matter. Pitchers and catchers is enough for me right now. I suffered through two years of never seeing games except on the rare occasion they were televised Sat afternoon affairs, two years of pissy time differences and no access to live games, two years of getting psyched out seeing through the windows of pubs flickering games on their TVs only to snap out of it and realize it's football... Two years, man. Two cold grey years. So for me, right now, this pic is enough to make my nipples hard: http://twitpic.com/4051c0

JD still hurt? Wholesome christian living aside, i think he is channeling Quagmire when Quagmire discovered internet porn:

"Drew said that the problem area resides just above his hamstring and below his gluteus muscle, an area that hasn't been able to receive enough blood flow to promote the healing process."

Uh, JD, that would be because all the blood flow is going elsewhere. You need a better off season routine. Spending too much time in the confessional.

Anyone think CC would make a decent 5th starter in the 2012 rotation?

Don't really care but it'll be fun to needle the BigBri's of the world with the mere thought.

Good one, Bob. Drew must be the worst investment of Sox money in recent memory. No, sorry, that would be Julio Lugo. No wait, I mean Edgar Renteria. Hey, at least it appears they invested their money in the right places this off-season. Carl Crawford's work ethic and off-season regimen makes him the anti-Drew.

Gil Meche gives us a noble retirement speech when he knows he's looking at (another) unhealthy season. JD gives us, "We'll see where it ends up when I get down to camp."

Man, Royals fans have it so easy...

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