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It's good to have goals

Hey, Dice-K's goal for 2011? Avoid the DL.


Now that's what I'm fucking talking about.


Way to aim high, samurai, way to aim high!


Seriously. And following Dice-K's raising of the bah for personal achievement, my goal for the 2011 summah will be as follows...


To not hit the chronic on Saturdays any earlier than, say, lunch. And if I do happen to wake and bake that I do not do so with the skunk.


Heh. Remembah that Saturday last June when you got lost in the North End on the skunk?


Well, it wasn't so much "lost" as it was an uncertainty of were I was going because of the profound — some would say disturbing — spatial disorientation that is a characteristic of skunk.


And it wasn't so much the spatial disorientation as it was my absolute conviction that I was being surveilled by Mossad.


Good times.


A skunk-scented room,
where clouds swirl in bong water
deeper than the sea.



Dice-K's goal is to avoid the DL, while mine is to avoid games being pitched by Dice-K.

Imagine being stoned on skunk *and* watching a game pitched by Dice-K?

It'd be like being baked with nothing to watch on TV except CSPAN, and nothing around to eat except melba toast.

Akthough CSPAN could be pretty funny while baked. And melba toast could be made into a nice bread pudding.

Never mind.

Getting old. I had to google 'skunk'.

All this talk of baseball and mind-expanding chemicals makes me think of Dock Ellis:


"His sinker looked like it was falling off a table, but nobody was hallucinatin' that."

skip Google. Go right to Urban Dictionary. It's quicker


Not needed Couchlock sets in

Drying up like paint.

In re: Lost

oh nevermind

Lost four eight fifteen
Sixteen Twenty-three, also
Forty-two, you see?

HB - best fuckin haiku ever.

Edes should keep his skunky chronicles of narnia going. Today's article on CC Sab, Friday: Prince, and add Carl-Gon for the weekend...all wearing Red Sox in 2012.

Doug Dude, taste it.

Thanks Yaz and Buckner. This old timer was lost, too. Not unfamiliar with the topic, mind you, just the dialect.

"You kids get the hell off my lawn!" :-)

If I were stoned and watching Dice-K would his pitching look better because I'm a pirate? Yaarggghhh!

Good stuff today, h.b.

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