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Hard not to make the case for it

Youks back to third.


God is in his heaven, and all is right with the World.


My love for Youkilis was already at a max, but aftah reading how "he chafed at chatting up players from opposing team" my Youkilation is now a Riemann sum approaching infinity.


So Francona says they'll be using Spring Training to "gain more flexibility with his legs and regain strength in his arm."





I don't know if it's possible for Youk to get flexible in his legs. They look like they're sans knees. Like Hank Hill's dad on the late, great King of The Hill. Although he had his shins blown off in WWII. (But only after he killed "fiddy men.")

Youkilation. That's outstanding.

However good Youk may be at third, mrs sdu will still be missing Mike Lowell. He's hot, she says. Youk is many things but, notwitstanding Susan's enthusiams, a sex symbol he ain't.

Yeah, the meet and greet at 1st base would is hard for me to fathom. Not that modern-day players view the opposition as the enemy, but I completely understand where Youk is coming from when he says that it's difficult to get into a conversation when the other team's winning 13-1.

I understand that St. Louis has a 1st baseman who's as yet unsigned... Maybe John Henry would pony up for him to come to Boston and spell Adrian Gonzalez every so often. He probably doesn't mind chatting up the opposition when they reach 1B.


(and ftr, "You go, Youk!" Man, I like that guy.)

Oh my God. I make a joking reference to Pujols coming to Boston to split time with Gonzalez, then see Gordon Edes' ESPN article.


5-Tool,Rob ;)

LOL! Right you are, Harwich.


LOL! Right you are, Harwich.


LOL! Right you are, Harwich.


Holy shit. Guess I shouldn't post from my smartphone. First triple post for me; a personal best.

Don't worry about it rob - at least you got the number of comments into double figures.

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