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De-ice the truck, the day is coming...

Now this is more like it — "Five reasons the Red Sox won’t win it all in 2011."


Give me a good old school New England breakfast any day... Some doom ovah easy and a cup of gloom.


Yeah, but why stop at just 5 reasons? C'mon, people, dig deep.


Well, Edes does have "10 Questions" about the '11 team including "No. 9: How key is Dice-K?"


Look, it's like this... If Dice-K is the answer, then I don't want to know the friggin question.


"I'll take 'Japanese Horror Shows' for $50 Million, Alex."


The beauty of this, and I mean beauty in a Haiku about cormorants sorta way, is that there is a certain team just to the south that would love to have a throwaway-san like Dice-K.


Absolutely, especially with the retirement of Pettitte.


Of course, there is the Yankees juggernaut of Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia. Heh.


The poor Yankees. They've gone from a team of "Mystique and Aura" to a team of Snooki and Kreme de Krispy.


But the diehahd Yanks fans are still engorged with wishful thinking despite the cold reality.



Dont let him fool you. He made that for himself. He is just so used to seeing it laying across his mom's trunk that it seemed the normal place to erect the thing.

BigBri really is big.

Reasons 6-....... Pedroia's foot, Elsbury's ribs, Drew's back, Papelbon's stupidity, Okajima's wtf, Drew's back, beckett's temper, Youk's new/old position, Drew's back, middle relief, middle relief, middle relief, Ortiz's shitty april-june coming on,...

I feel better now.

Dice K's the question
Alex, what is the answer?
"He was the A's pitching coach."

I got a horse outside ;)

I am drinking the kool-aid. The team bursts from the gate, takes the division lead and never looks back. They finish 12.5 games in front of the Jays. Sweep the ALDS and ALCS and drop one game in the WS. '04 + '07 = 11. It's February, how else am I suppose to think?

Okay, I get it, the Sox have a lot of hype built up around them, yadda yadda yadda. The real question here is why is John McCain the fourth picture that shows up in a Snooki Google image search?

Good point, Bob: "He was the A's pitching coach." The new guy has some big shoes to fill but even bigger questions to answer such as the ones Jeff asked: "Papelbon's stupidity, Okajima's wtf, Beckett's temper, middle relief..." and I would add Beckett's wtf (sometimes) and Dice-K's wtf (most of the time). Outside of all that, let the truck roll.

And let the beer cart roll.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

I didn't make it. I just posed for it....

Immortalized in a blog that won a Webby in 1986. What a great day!

this from a guy who lives in a town that's immortalized as the capital of sliced bread


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