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Compositely yours...

Lisa the Temp:
So, peeps, what if someone created a computer program that superimposed a critical mass of face photos to create an average composite of all the faces?


Lisa the Temp:
And what if someone did this for the native women of 41 different countries around the world?


Lisa the Temp:
Who would look the most beautiful?

Who would look the most bitchy?

Who would look the most likely to cook you dinner on the second date?

Who would look quite likely to teabag your Earl Grays?


Lisa the Temp:
Well, you tell me me, peeps, you tell me.


Lisa the Temp:
And what about Lisa? Wherein lie her national roots do you suppose?


Lisa the Temp:
Wait, what's that? Is Lisa being mean? Being anti-femimist? Falling pray to the patriarchy?


Lisa the Temp:
Oh, puh-leeze. Lisa knows who brings home your bacon.



Lisa's natural roots!!?? ;)

I have to say, the Miss Puerto Rico amalgamation is making me tingle. But South Africa has got some odd trans-gendered mojo going on. The English amalgo is surprisingly nice, but then again, she's not showing her teeth.

The Swiss and the Greek composites are rather enticing too.

I would totally hit Wales. Even though we may be related...

I think the Israeli chick is smoking hot; but this composite is of average women? They all look like models to me.

I think if I had to choose, I'd say Lisa looks most Hungarian or Romanian from that list.

Appears to be a composite picture of young women. Various groups age differently. I'd want some longitudinal data before committing.


The prime directive of the alpha male is fornication. Anything which hinders the fulfillment of the prime directive is to be vanquished as a foe or excised from the mind as a cancer.

As if we needed anymore proof that ARod is really gay, he apparently is very upset that millions of people saw him being fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz

He needs to whoop that ho. Break out his dropping the shoulder move and all.

The Samoan looks to be a composite of Afa & Sika

Hey, it's all Greek to me, baby!

And apparently the Sicilians were excluded from the composite of the Italian women.

h.b., this is cool, but I'm thinking that you apparently have too much time on your hands. The interwebs never fails to deliver, eh?

Well at least Cameron didn't pre-chew the popcorn for ARod.

Hey, Ethiopia. How you doing?

I'm sorry, am I the only one that saw on the news yesterday that IT WAS....TRUCK DAY...I know, one day late, but work was a bitch and I didn't find out until I sat down with a cold one to watch the local news...screw the overgrown rodent from PA, this is the true sign of spring!

I'm confused-Does this make A-Fraud Shrek??


DIdn't you hear? Nobody cares about Truck Day anymore because it's too popular. :)

Bob and COD:

You have good taste (by which, of course, I mean that your taste is similar to mine). Puerto Rico was my # 1 with the Greek and Swiss not far behind. The Italian's not hard on the eyes, either.

"the Israeli chick is smoking hot"

I am just reading Natalie's comment over and over.

The Spaniard looks like she'd cut your nuts off and put them in a paella.

Natalie: "but this composite is of average women? They all look like models to me."

I read recently that our conception of beauty is based on average placement and shape of facial features, so if these were true averages, they would indeed look like models, in both senses of the word. The same article noted that Shania Twain (yum!) is one of the closest matches to the average.

As for me, I'll take the French!

A note regarding my comment yesterday about a breadth of Spring as the Truck passed through Maryland - the temperature dropped 28 degrees between 5 pm and 6 am! That cannot be a good sign...

Uh, make that breath...

I'm with SAC....

plus it reminds me I gotta renew my passport

Ok, so Truck Day is no longer cool, but I did find this site


Chances are, as my teenagers tell me, hopelessly out of date...yet they still accept my $...go figure

Anybody else think it is time to pull Matt Cooke's work visa?

...and J.D.Drew has a twinge

*** Update 2/10 ***

One of those mornings combined with nothing catching my eye to riff on for a strip...

Oh sure. We'll go with that instead of "Real Doll hangover."

Well Agon showed up on the field yesterday, so that's a plus. he wasn't in a cast or nothing.

The Heels broke my heart last night, so I of course my thoughts are wandering ahead to baseball... For the record, there are now 3 former Tar Heels in the Sox system. Bard, Miller, and Federowicz.

So, is Crawford going to lead off or not? It seems like a perfect fit.

Anything fun to yak about today??

So not only does John Henry need to keep up with the Steinbrenners, but now there's this: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704858404576134622795266398.html

Today is Friday, presented by JetBlue.

*** Update Friday 2/11 ***

I got a flat this morning which has thrown my routine all off so no time to do a strip.

Worse, my tire change kit was missing the lug wrench. So I had to wait for roadside assist.

Anyway... there it is.

That sucks, H.B.

I thank God for Triple AAA.

(And eventually, AA.)

Well that's NOT fun to yak about

Well at least you know how to change a tire. You would be surprised at the number of college age students that do not know how to perform this task.

That's OK, hb. We could do worse than stare at Lisa the Temp for three days!

Yes, on changing tire wisdom.

Though I confess that when roadside assist showed up with power jack and power lug removal, I was feeling really glad that I didn't have the wrench to do myself.

Power jack and power lug removal? What the hell are you doing with that Real Doll?

I'm late for beercart. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll something fun to yak about on Monday.

And here is your average Sydney redsident, compositely speaking:


...and as game as Ned Kelly

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